January 6, 2010


Currently world is revolving constantly improving technologies and SHORTENING words.
Most of us , well all of us have facebook,msn, twitter ,orkut etc. so v all are familiar or a part of the internet lingo.short concise n almost illegible, this language is result of lazy (so called cool) ways our life. Reducing our time spent in typing and texting is fine with me. But do you think its appropriate to use this language in speech?? Well general appeal of using this lingo in casual situation is understandable, however it gives off an air of illitracy when used in professional purposes.
When i hear people talking this lingo throughout the hallways , in the classrooms it drives me crazy. It actually is so lame.(i laugh with myself listening to them)
The point of shortening some words or phrases is to avoid lengthy typing but some especially lazy people use them when talking face-to-face. When i hear people saying "OH EM JEE" ,this reduction doesnt make any sense to me because its neither shorter in length nor in syllables than the original phrase "OH MY GOD"
Another internet phrase that its way into real life is LOL.to laugh out loud over the internet msgs or text msgs implies that you are in fact laughing loudly at ur computer desk, laptop or ur cell phone. But when u r talkin to someon iin a personsome ppl find it necessary to say " EL O' EL" instead of actually laughing. Not only is it annoying to hear but takes the whole emotion and feeling of the conversation.
mah qstn s hw r v gonna shorten d communication so frthr? wts d nxt step 4 us. I predict dat v'll go thru or form de-evaluation resorting 2 a series of grunts n gestures.

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  1. good post...bt this is what happens... I met a friend Anup online and she would write LoL everymoment ..crazy isn't it?

  2. an introspective post...

    guess we are all heading back to the sign language and smoke signal days... Hope the real words are not forgotten...

    take care, cheers...

  3. @ desi saves the earth :n u seem to be so convinced by her middle name i guess :P LOL

    n using LOL online isnt bad..u r just saving time.. LOL


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