January 4, 2010

Increase Twitter Followers

Doing a research on Social Media scene, a question struck me. Is Twitter only for renowned persons who have got a good fan base? This question came to me because on 3rd January another Indian celebrity joined it and by the mid-day of 4th January his followers increased to more than 2000. So now his voice is heard by more than 2000 persons and counting... The celebrity is none other than Sharukh Khan!
Some might argue that given the popularity of Sharukh Khan, that is expected. But can anyone guide me that what will happen to any ordinary netizen who wants to use twitter and reach as many persons as he can? Not only twitter; it is just an example; what about the enormous amount of blog doing rounds on the internet? Regular posting is the right medicine prescribed by almost 90% of net doctors but is that helping you?
I wonder where this social media scene is heading towards. Do pour in your comments.
For the twitter users, here I am providing a list of users who will follow you back when you follow them, thus increasing your followers.  If you are a Twitter user, you probably know that having more followers doesn’t always equal better results.  In fact, in order to spread your influence in the Twitterverse, it is important to get followers who already have tons of followers themselves.  With this purpose, I have made this list as per the information from few other blogs..
So start following the Following twitter users and let them follow you!

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  1. Was that a tip on Twitter? WOW!! :P

  2. This also means dat all 2000 were aware of SRK's joining twitter on 3rd.. kinda strange? Was it published in d newspapers dat he's joinin..lol

  3. nice informative post

    bt doesnt it means insane when u follow some one and dnt tweet or something like that...i wd rather prefer staying away frm twitter

  4. @ all
    SRK... he was recommended by none other than Karam Johar on twitter and there comes the result!
    Yes this this helps coz you will end up with more followers and that means that ur words are reaching to a larger section of people.... moreover, ur creditability increases. What you notice when you see a twitter profile? of course the follower number... and if it is on the higher side it works.... this will drive more "real" followers too....
    cheers... happy blogging and tweeting...

  5. heyy...i wl follow all those who follw me,
    my url:http://twitter.com/vishnuseelan


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