August 20, 2009

Sleepless Scribble (Contd.)

4:45 AM
Alone again, I crept in. It is dark tonight. It was darker when I entered the lounge. I knew there would be no one here. So, I was not very careful while breaking the silence. I opened the door which made a painful screeching sound, and walked in. The door closed behind, leaving the lounge in dark – the way it used to be – the way I like it – the way, we liked it! The lounge is the place I dwell in and the best place I hangout with my friends and her. Tonight, there is no one here. Neither my friends and nor her. Still I walked in. The air was free, silent, dark and homogeneous. I breathed in – felt fresh! My footsteps created a few puffs of dust as I walked towards the corner – my favorite corner in the lounge, where we used to sit together and talk – talk all night! The floor was dusty – I was sad to see that. The abandonment and vivid desertion of the place accumulated lot of dust. I wish she would be here – now.

I breathed in – felt fresh! It was her fragrance – again! “Am I dreaming?” I asked myself. How on earth would I feel her here – tonight, when she is far away from the lounge? I could feel her as if she held my hands and looked deep inside me – Dilse! I could feel her hair flying in the absent breeze. I could feel her missing touch all over me. It was a pleasure, yet shivering! I looked around again. I could see nothing in the dark, apart from the rays of light coming out from the distant lamppost, coming through the ventilators and cracks on the windows, and falling on the various parts of the lounge. I could smell her as though she was here with me – holding me, like older times. I extended my hand and tried to call, against all odds, “Sho…” A cold hand came from behind me and covered my lips. I quivered! I moved around in a flash – there was no one again! I looked around – the darkness laughed at me. I rested my palm on the table, near my corner – our corner. Gusts of dust blew and the door made another scorching sound and opened a little. I could see the first rays of sunlight coming in – it was almost dawn and I could hear the birds chirping outside, yet far-flung. It was time for me to leave. I could not sit today – I could not sing today – I could not meet her, for whom I come to the lounge. She was away – among those chirping avis. May be that’s where she belonged and that’s why she’s away tonight. I walked out, as slowly as I always did. I did not disturb the darkness much and neither the silence in the lounge. The dust I puffed up in the air would settle down soon, I know. And she will always be here with me, when I come back – to hold my tongue and stop me from nuisance.

The morning rays cleansed my face, as I walked back home – alone again!

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  1. Loved reading this..Hope kajal is reading too :)

  2. Simply awesome... Loved reading it... it was so smooth, serene and simple! :)

    Fantastic Tan dada! :)

  3. Awesome write man... felt sooo good to read...

    "I did not disturb the darkness much and neither the silence in the lounge. The dust I puffed up in the air would settle down soon, I know"
    wow... :-D

  4. Thanks Aarthi... Did you read the previous ones?

    Arun - what was written was written as it was felt. I am happy you liked those words... these are nothing, but true :)

    Hashan, Kajal would like it, I know... after all, she inspired and started these Sleepless Scribbles, isnt it?

    To all who would read it next - do read the older scribbles and also the link provided in there to know and understand the sleeplessness - I am sure you would enjoy reading those too :)

    Thanks again mates...

  5. Whoa..Dude you'll leave the girl floored with all this..Too good..Read something hopelessly romantic after a long time..Gives a nice feeling..Hell yeah..I'm gonna read all of the previous sleeplessness stories now..;-)..Keep writing buddy..:-)..All the best with the girl..;-)..

  6. Thanks Amar.. hehehe... Do read the previous Scribbles, not only mine but the others too... You will find the links in my older posts...

    ... And for the GIRL - Its a work of fiction mate... Nothing personal :)

  7. really itz too gud...simple in words yt sayng lot of thngs ..great..!!!

  8. Thanks Bard and Vidisha... Do read the older ones if you get time :)


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