August 20, 2009


I have heard a lot about love. And very recently I got
a heartbreak again.I wasn't even able to write stuff
here. Taking a lot of effort now. My fingers are not
freely moving like they used to.All this time
,everytime , dazed and confused. Sad and low. How long?And then I realize. It's all in the mind. If you can
control your mind you can control your emotions. And so
I consciously started trying not to think about her
anymore and I consciously tried to get feelings far
from any relationship I ever come across.And then I
became hard and ruthless, no emotions no feelings. And
one day she came along and it fell apart, like it
always does


  1. hah.. blue month still goes on...
    nice write abhri...

    n btw... heard u got promoted... Congrats man...

  2. The story after every heartbreak..:-(..Happy that someone bothered to pen it up..Nicely written dude..:-)

  3. thanks all :) ya arun got a promotion , first one ya..
    @vidisha..last line stuck from a song which comes at the last of bourne supremacy movie...:P :P

  4. Nice description of a heartbreak! :(

    The last line somehow has 2 meanings...
    Either it is that... the same girl came back or it is that another girl came and all your resolutions of staying ruthless were gone for a toss...

    What is it?


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