August 5, 2009


why is the lounge so silent today.

today even I want to be silent

silent silent all day in silence

silence is eating me up now

now is the time to start again

again let the sun shine bright on us

us,them and anyone in sight

sight growing dimmer but hearts still on fire

fire of hope, hope to see her again

again is this vain or is it my pain

pain go away I am ready for the other day


  1. perfect loop Abhri ! loved this write :)

  2. dekha na poetry likhunga i never imagined...kitna badlaw aati hai logon mein :D

  3. It was a nice loop..One of the best I read so far in WL :)

    \m/ on Abhri !!

  4. Loop Poetry?? Oh!
    Hmmm... I have not tried this yet, I feel...

    Good Good.. and yes, Silence is hell at times and at times, its a blessing!

  5. A very good loop poetry Abhri... :)
    Loved the message in it... :)


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