August 4, 2009


I am suffering from what is known as the "Writer's block". I saw Artz's loop poetry and was so fascinated that I asked her about it. She instead told me to come with a loop poem on Writer's Block. So then, with some help and guidance from Artz ..I came up with this :)

You go on surfing various blogs
Blogs that show the update
“Update yours”, she pleads
Pleads on top of her voice

Voice that echoes in me
Me who has a “Writer’s Block”
Block which ain’t allowing me to write
Write something new and happening
“Happening”...Guess that’s what’s lacking

Lacking is the time
Time is such a lame excuse
Excuse not to write a word
Words which sadden and amuse

Amuse us when we are lazy or bored
“Bored to death” I am, is that the reason?
Reason which is again such a lame one
One which puts me to shame

Shame should not stop me, oh c’mon
C’mon dude, Pick up the pen
“Pen is mightier than the sword, right”
“Right it is”, I hear an echo
Echo your flow of words now, Will you?

You asked me to write
Write what I have been feeling
Feeling that Writer’s Block
Block that messed everything
Everything that is now sorted out…

Thanxs Aarthi :)


  1. Hey Anurag,

    Trust me...this has come out well! :)
    And you don't need to thank me and all... I am all glad that I could be of help to you! :D

    P.S.: I am gonna coax you a lot to write from now! So hope you never fall a prey to that Writer's Block! :)

  2. hehe....atleast artz has done sumthn...
    gud write don't go back to sleep

  3. gud inspirting write 2 make any1 get out of a writers block :D

  4. thats a nice loop !! really enjoyed it :)

  5. Thanxs all....Was just a try ..didn't know some many wd like it :P

  6. nice write anurag...
    amazes me how everyone feels the same thing when on a writers block...

  7. nicely written.Ever tried writing Haiku or Tanku ..Do write trust me its fun :)

  8. Well dude..Your writer's block inspired me for something..To try writing some loop poetry myself..;-)..Nicely put..:-)..Enjoyed reading it..:-)..


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