August 6, 2009

The Drag

In response to Arv's post: The Winter Sun

His hands trembled along with the line. He did not want to shift his sight from those twinkling pair of eyes. He stared as she bit her lips keeping that smile on. He wanted to hold her – a sudden drag – the harbor seal had the better of him – next moment, he was gasping for air!

In case you mates just argue on the size of a harbor seal!! :P :P


  1. lol... thats a funny twist to the tale...

    have a nice day dude... cheers... :)

  2. chu chu chu..
    talk abt twist in the tale... he he..

  3. I liked the way you write ..Do write more :)

  4. haha ...good one tan dada ....Nice pic to follow it up too :)

  5. hehehe... thank you people :)

    @Tschang - I do write - these days, a bit less :)

    People expect me to put a twist in everything I write - well, things in life comes with twists and turns - if they come, I will write - if they dont, I will still try to twist things the way YOU like it :)

    Thanks again...

  6. Someone needs to tell this...

    ... you know what? we used to post replies and responses earlier - when the Lounge was just not a place to hangout - it was a place to enjoy and was more cozy... but now, its just like a noticeboard which I dont like...

    I dont there is any NEXT to this... I wont write on this and neither would anyone else!!


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