July 21, 2009

WL Meet-up - Chennai's Day Out

This it folks....the day we were waiting for....
We waited, we sweated....and then we met....
Chennai Meet has officially begun

The destination was Pizza Hut....nice place...nice chicks around...food had to be great..its pizza's for lord's sake :P
Kingsley was the first one there...standing dumbfounded....guess he searched inside for us....hope he didnt gt hold of some other gal thinking her to be aarthi :P
lols...so when we reached, john was already there...i was meeting him for the first time.....he's pleasant company...talks way too less and very much matured.
Jeez am J

okays we went in and chatted...the waiter was eyeing us with suspicion....hehe...and we kept on chatting. Aarthi and Kings started in Tamil and everything went over my head...i could only mumble ser seri from time to time. Gulshan rang up...said she was on her way!! she found an auto but had to run after it :P
She arrived bout 20 mins later...all in pink and yay!! we were 4 of us then.....

We chatted about ourselves.....i dun wanna get into details...but yes people...it was fun....we had a rollicking time....thoorika arrived late after we finished our pizza's hehe...

Over to Gulshan

I never knew apart from writers it will introduce me to some great friends too…when I came to know via Stephen that he has met a few writer’s from Lounge, I used to wonder if I will ever be able to meet anyone of them…coz the only guy I knew from Chennai in Lounge was Kings and till then we were as good as strangers….but finally Her Highness (Artz..she looks like one) descended from heaven, read Delhi (bad comparison :D) to earth, read Chennai….met her Prince Charming (FL…he is doesn look like though :P) and decided to meet some poor mortals like us….lol….

To cut the story short….it was WL’s first anniversary and some brilliant person(i-don’t-know-who) decided to keep a meet in Chennai…yes u read it right..here..in Chennai..the one in Tamil Nadu..Gosh I was so excited so happy and so down in fever ….my mom said no..even before I told her Sunday’s program..she made sure that I am on my bed, in my room, at the most if I can go anywhere it was within the four walls of my home ….poor me…but then I decided in the morning itself…I have to go..so I jumped out of bed, hopped and played around, fought with my brother and mom finally irritated..shooed me out from home :D :D

I was late but was finally there….after a lot of hungama of course..the place was new for all of us..so everyone was confused ….FL ko pakdo :P….but when I met them it was awesome…superb…too good…I don’t have words to describe…not even for a second I felt that I was meeting some new people…it was like as if we knew each other….we started with introduction and some leg pulling and reminders to FL that he wasn’t on date :P….then Kings ordered…oh I forgot to tell that we were in PizzaHut …which poor people had to select coz of me …because I said no to Mocha…sorry guys :(….

Kings was a calm and composed person of course the most mature and the “Gentlemen” type of guy…he was just as what I imagined him through his blog writings :)..felt great to meet him…

Artz was a great friend…a charming personality…she is literature graduate and handling some Building stuff business….wow..how do you even link it dear…anyways was fun all the time…cracking jokes and hi5’ing all the time….she was the second most mature person…above all I was wondering how she was juggling all the work and these frequent meetings at the same time..She was kind of a lost friend found :)

Freelancer a.k.a Mridu was really irritated because of me...he was even going to throw me out of the auto : ( heartless :D :D ….i kept pulling his leg all the time... and he kept cursing me because I didn’t leave him alone with Artz even on way :D :D…on a serious note…he was a great guy..fun to be with…think we can be great friends…and yeah..he is last in the list of maturity :P :P lol

Thoorika..she was late…very late…atleast she made me feel that I am not the only late lateef :P…she was kind of silent but smart….calm and composed ..her signature words being “Khalo” and “chalo” :D :D….I don’t think I heard anything else from her mouth whole day long…nice girl though..she dint step in water but as it was supposed to be…we got drenched way back home :D :D

Arv was supposed join us..but couldn’t because of his some commitments…anyways hoping to see him next time :) We spoke to Prats, Ste and other Bangalore people also :) They too met and it seems and enjoyed a lot :)

After PizzaHut it was beach..Kings couldn’t join us…but then we four were there…had fun….I made them all walk miles for Arun’s Icecream..hehehe..hope they aren’t cursing me….I was supposed to leave back at 3.30 or max by four…but then I didn’t wanted to leave and by the time we parted it was already 6.30….we all decided to meet next weekend for movie..Bidding goodbye to FL and Artz me and Thoorika left for home..and thus ended the tiring and happy day :)

I was sure of catching fever..but wow I was able to go to office today and write this post :)..i think happiness took over tiredness and fever was shown way to home :D :D I am too excited to meet these people and all of them again this coming weekend…hope it ll be even more fun and we ll bond even better :)

Love you loads guys…thanks for bearing me throughout the day :)


over to artz--

On Sunday, we experienced what we have always talked about – TWL is a family. Since you know about almost everything after reading Heena, I would just sum it up in a few words.

It is always good when you meet the one whom you know in this virtual world. Few months back I got a chance to meet Sandeep, my big bro! J

This Sunday I woke up wit a lot of excitement. I was going to meet some more members of my virtual family – Kings, Heena, Fl, Thoorz, Arv…

Sadly, Arv could not make it because of other commitments he had. Me, FL, Kings, Thoorz and Heena kept chatting… not even for a second did we realize that we were meeting for the first time. It seemed as if we knew each other since years.

Now I would just want to say a few things to all of you whom I met –

Heena - You rock! I just could not believe that you are just 19!! Your sense of humour just amazes me all the time! J You have an intense persona… very matured and I just loved your company. It was great meeting you and I hope our bond grows real strong!

Kings – Start talking da! I mean… he looks really matured, very focused sort of a person. Thank you for bearing with us throughout the Pizza Hut torture sessions. Lolz!

Thoorika – She has that killing cute smile on her face. She is so polite, so quiet… There is that warmth you feel around this girl. I just love your ‘KHAO’ and ‘CHALO’. The next time we meet I should see you TALKING!!

FL – Do I really have to say anything about you? Don’t you guys know it all? He is a jester, a sweetheart, a wonderful human being with a heart of gold. You rock!

The awesome beach time we enjoyed will be cherished by me always. Thanks to you Mr.Freelancer! :P

Thank you all for making it to the TWL Chennai meet. The feeling that you all have left me with can’t be described… it was wonderful. I love you guys…you are just fantastic

FL speak-

okays...me back again....John had to leave soon....pity arun, arv and dr.kumar coudn't make it. They would have loved the beach...Someone teach heena how to sit in an auto...she keeps falling off. We went to the beach and did some rifle shooting...i was showing off my nearly impossible to learn tricks :P
It was a day to remember.....a day where john nearly turned into a waiter, a day where aarthi nearly became smart....a day when thoorika nearly became Valentino Rossi...a day when Heena nearly became the next P.T Usha after showing off her sprinting skills behind an auto...and a day when i nearly revealed my true identity as BOND :P
Mostly it was a day of the Lounge....a lounge that sprung back to life.....rose like a phoenix from the ashes and now turned into a peacock...
huh? i am going bonkers i guess...too much beach water in my head

We READ, We WRITE, We definitely LOUNGE

P.S| couldn't get John's and Thoorika's views today....don't mind folks...they would post it in their behalf soon. Moreover Sunday we are going for a movie :P

Kingsley and Gulshan

kings and FL

Gulshan and Artz

Thoorika, Artz and Gulshan

FL and Artz :P


  1. credit lena chodo...kam se kam dusron ka credit to mat maara karo :P

  2. finalyy !!! late :P !! and now about the meet and pics .. superb !! (it had to be that way .. it was TWL meet ;) ) ! Gul .. u r so cute gal ... loved the all gals pic lots :P !! hope to see a lot of such meets all over India and world ;) !

    @Kings : You look as i imagined :) Smiling but still with a mature manner :)

  3. guess i will have to send some of my relative to chennai so i can come there and meet all of u !!! really want to come to chennai ... imagine being just 5 hrs away from a part of my extended family !


  4. wow

    finally u posted....great to see that u guys really met....truly said FL WL has gone beyond internet nd hope one day we all cud meet ... . may be WL National me..sounds insane haina??

    but its really gr8 to knw that bangalore nd chennai has been quite active in WL nd they r the first to meet although Mumbai has been the biggie of WL.....

    kudos to all those who made it....

    nd heena.... bahut hi innocent lagti ho... :p but hai naughty .... hai naa :P

  5. @ PS
    sabke baare mein boli....par mere baare mein kuch nahi?

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  7. @ ste
    its really a good idea...a national meet...it will be awesome!!!

    Mumbai meet up next

    and yea heena is a bit naughty :P

  8. oh oh ... so very kiddo FL .. tere baare me sab bolte hain .. i though to give some advantage to others :P !! n do i need to SAY anythign abt u .. u know how special u r to me :)

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  10. looks like it was great fun!

    one question:
    Why the ':P' below FL and Artz's pic? :D Please explain.

  11. woahh..!! :) :)

    Gr8 to see u guys enjoy.. :)

    Sunday was awesome for CHennai n bangalore .. ;)


  12. ya .. heena looks naughty !! but glad that some one else too dsnt prefer mocha much :P !! same pinch gul !!

  13. @ bhargav
    read the penguin-grasshoper posts...
    yu will know about it :P

  14. @ arjun
    hu wud have thot that chennai and banglore would have the first planned meet???
    love you ppl

  15. FL,

    Mostly Mumbai meet up next...but we r lazy to make a plan u see :p

    yup national wl meet is awesome:p
    penguin- grasshopper :D

  16. @ bhargav....
    there is a post 2 ya 3 posts below titled, mocha,me, him and all...click on the label, penguin-grasshopper

  17. @ ste
    plan plan plan...wanna see ur pics

  18. here it is bhargav : http://weandwords.blogspot.com/search/label/penguin-grasshopper

  19. fl,

    sure sure...bt this mumbai meet up is gonna be a big one for sure coz we r around 13 :p

    and sandeep balan in our gang hahaha

  20. toh find a day soon...i want it to be done before august ends
    there is a surprise foryu ppl in september

  21. main aur naughty...kinni seedhi saadhi bachi hun...ekdum shaanth..susheel :D :D

    @FL rehne de kab se dhamkiyan de aha hai mujhe

    @PS thanks dearie...mocha is not my kind plc u c :)

    @ ste..maine kya kiya :-o

    @ all....i loved the met...and am all for a national one too..provided its dr whr i live....nahi t omummy nahi aane degi :(

  22. main aur naughty...kinni seedhi saadhi bachi hun...ekdum shaanth..susheel :D :D

    @FL rehne de kab se dhamkiyan de aha hai mujhe

    @PS thanks dearie...mocha is not my kind plc u c :)

    @ ste..maine kya kiya :-o

    @ all....i loved the met...and am all for a national one too..provided its dr whr i live....nahi t omummy nahi aane degi :(

  23. lol

    national meet in mumbai :P

    heena come to mumbai :P..mummy allow karegi :p hehe

  24. thanks...reading now.

    what about an international meet!? hehehe

  25. bharghav

    provided u arrange the meet

    where do u live bharghav

  26. @ bhargav
    if you are ready to finance...then sure y not?? we are ready :P

  27. i'm studying in manchester...in assam now for holidays

  28. sure...let me count the money in my wallet! :D

  29. @ bhargav
    beta jab wapas jayega tb ticket kar dena...we will celebrate in OLD TRAFFORD

  30. @ gulshan
    dekhte hai teri mummy kaise rokte hai?
    utha ke le aaunga :P

  31. yeah with sir alex ferguson as the guest of honour :p

  32. FL and Artz...i'm confused! are those grasshopper-penguin posts for real!? LOL

  33. @ bhargav
    lols....i dun think he wud mind if we borrowed his place...lols...the team can be cheerleaders

  34. @ bhargav
    kot asili imaan dinor pora??
    yep its real

  35. wow! fireworks!!!! late reaction, i know!

    bohut kiba kibi miss korilu loungot..regular hobo lagiboe etiya :D congrats dude! and artz!

  36. @ bhargav
    lols...hold on to the horses dude...
    its nothing specific unless declared

  37. @ bhargav... meko wahan tak koi bhi nahi aane dega :(

    @ FL...dobaaraa :-o :P :D

    @ ste...mummy ko tera naam bola...to kabhi nahi aane degi

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  39. nice pics :) when is mumbai event planned?

  40. Sounds like a great day out!! And you won't believe it... me and mum went to a Pizza Hut in London on the same/next day! :)

  41. @ bamble
    you have to ask ste dude...
    they are so lazy out there

  42. one word....awesome....!!!!!!! dis sunday seems to hav been so much fun fr evryone except da guys frm Mumbai! :)

    Luvd da pics! nd da last one sums up all! ;)

    Kewllll outing...nd gr8 to see its goin beyond jst writin......dat movie plan sounds gr8! National meet.....count me in!

    tc guys! :)

  43. @ maverick
    last pic?? lol

    reel frnz turning into real ones...oh am loving it

  44. bamble,

    stay in touch may b next week or in coming weeks : D

  45. Aweeee guys... I missed it all :'(

  46. Rockin meet chennai... Pizza n beach... grrrr....

    The pics r awesome...

    will do everything to be a part of it the next time... (pls keep it after my final y exams... pls...pls pls... mummy wont lemme go out of town till then :-(...)

  47. @ FL

    yeah dude! afta all....da lounge is blessd wid its 1st very own mush story owing to u two! kewlllll!

    wish ya luck! :)

  48. @ arun
    sunday we r gng fr a movie...guess yu wil miss that too

  49. WOW, good pics man... and it seems you had a great time too...

    ... We missed the beach - wish there were some Sun and some Water in Bangalore too...

    We will arrange a WL Meet for everyone in the world - it has to be either in Chennai or in London (:P)... Lets plan it sometime guys...

  50. misssssss u all!!
    huh! jealous badly!! :P
    @artz - hey sis! do come to kanpur soon too madam :)

  51. heyyy all,

    prats,fl,ste,arjun,heena,artz,tan,mav,bhargav,arv :)

    hope all are doing really well,sorry i had an incompleted dumb write up,so couldnt post it with this, maybe i'll fill in and post it as an another post soon :)

    thnk ya prats, come anytime down here,always welcome.

    WL national meet is quite possible, and can happen sooner or later, best bet would be mumbai or chennai...

  52. another interesting trivia :D :P

    the writers lounge impromptu ink design on the napkin was done by none other than the gr8 KingS ;) :P

  53. wow i m big time jealous :( i wanna meet up too ....not fair to us delhi walas :(
    Amazing pics.....heena u look so cute and innocent
    And Artz ur ever amazing
    Kings u seemed the serious kind as i had imagined :P
    and FL is the prankster kind :P
    and the last pic is amazing :P

  54. @ All,

    Thanks a ton for all your wishes! And as FL says...hold the horses till an official announcement is made... lol ... it'll never be made!! :P

    Thanks for liking the last pic...and thank you for liking the penguin-grasshopper series... :)
    The Chennai meet was amazing...

    @ Gul,
    Special thanks to you - Her Highness eh? What makes you say so?

    @ NAbila,

    Ever amazing? Thanks yaa! :D :D


    All the credit goes to you for arranging this meet while I was here so I could meet all you wonderful people... Love ya all! :)

  55. @ Pulkit,
    Thanks for the invitation... I will be there to give you a surprise! :D :D

  56. @ Pratsie,

    You have written about everyone else here...just left me out! :(

  57. nice yaar
    its really nice to see all of u der in the pics
    u had a gr8 time der
    i also organize a meet here in Ujjain
    as iam the only one from MP
    so i decided to do wander here and der alone

    hope to meet u all soon

  58. nice 2c n hear tat u ppl in chennai 2 had a nice time..gr8 team work n keep it up!!

  59. @ nabila...dilli meet wil be soon i hope..yu have so many ppl there...y dnt yu plan?

  60. oh!!
    Im actually so J!

    n honestly...m really sorry lounge..:(

  61. Brillianto:)
    write-up's amayzing n the pics speak too...lotsa fun u ppl had...gr8!!!

    National WL meet *ponders*
    correct me if am wrong but am I not the only Calcuttan out here:(

  62. Oh my God....... the pictures made me cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Especially the last one!!!

    You guys are very BAD!!

    Never even think about me, the poor soul.. :'( alone here.. wanting a break!

  63. And I must add... Masha allah... Gul.. you are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo prettyy!

  64. Gul U luk soo damn pretty dear.. FL N Artz holding tight-tight LoL!!

    U guys went one step ahead n had awesome time in beach which sadly we bangaloreans cant..

    Happy to see ol d loungers gatherin and chillin out..

  65. @ comfortably numb
    yu the only kolkatan???!!

  66. @ vasu
    hehe...the beach time was awesome

  67. Yum logo ne mere khao aur chalo ko kuch jada hi damage kar diya :D


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