July 21, 2009

Him, The Monsoon and an Haiku...

Him, The Monsoon and an Haiku - Arv

Drops of water fell
like those first rains of monsoon
his life falls again

Note: After the conversation with Ilashree and some further research on syllable sites, I had updated the last line: 'turns blue' replaced with 'falls'.
Thanks Ilashree :)


  1. tender and naturely , what an impact has the nature on him, wonderfull arv ;)

  2. Lovely haiku arv...
    blue... yes.. rain n melancholy..

    Havent read a haiku in a loooong time...

  3. I liked the first two lines :) Good one Arv!

  4. WOW ... read a Haiku after a long time... loved it... well written...

    When will I get back to my writing days???

  5. hey Arv... you look wonderful when u shine in the sun... no more sad posts okay? I hope you're fine buddy!


  6. ah! the romantic turns to heart touching sad .... beautiful expressions Arv :)

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  8. Oops !! Its NOT a haiku !!

    Check your syllable count.

    The word 'again' is disyllabic.

    That makes, 5-7-6 line syllabic counter.

    That refrains the piece from being a Haiku.

    Anyways, nice thoughts :)

    CHEERS !!

  9. Kings,

    thanks mate :)


    Thank you :)


    thanks mate :)


    Thanks dude :)


    Thank you :)


    Thanks mate :)

  10. Sunshine,

    Guess, I certainly do seem so :)

    thanks da...

  11. Hi Princess...

    'Again' is di-syllabic... very true..

    but when you read 'turns blue', its a mono syllabic sound...

    check the syllable count for the lines at


    it does meet the 5-7-5 English haiku pattern and so this poetry remains to be an haiku...

    hope it clarifies your doubt :)


  12. i wish i could understand what this is all about some day ..neway nice one

  13. Hi H :)

    its just as PS notes it to be...

    dont want you to feel it man :)

    have a nice day... cheers..

  14. Not exactly dear.

    Visit :


    Try to use trusted websites. Unlike other programs, however, the Syllable Counter uses a dictionary to look up the syllable length of words. Because of this it counts syllables more accurately than any other website.

    Have a nice day :)

    And ouuh, please call me Ilashree.

    SMILES :)

  15. Arv .. you inspired me to write a haiku !! thanks

    ~ Prats

  16. wow you people sound so technical... :) great yaar i used to think only these awful codes i write are technical...

    and looks like ilashree has done her homework...

    cool yaar i wanna learn haiku too someday

  17. H...

    its just for fun anyway :)

    am gonna investigate more though :P

    take care..

  18. Ilashree...

    we need to talk :P

    that site needs at least 30 words as min :P

    and the site I referred too is good too :)

    h ehee... this is turning out to be fun :)

  19. @H : u better be prepared for a lesson soon ;)

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  21. Artz, young lady,

    On the site, copy-paste "his life turns blue again" seven times.

    The result you get is, 42 syllables.

    42/7 = 6 syllables per line.

    Simple mathematics.

    And ahaan, it indeed is fun.

    Lol, am so glad you took it in a cheerful spirit. I was wondering, how you'd react.

    And its cool you amended it so skilfully.

    Cool girl you are.

    ROCKSTAR !! :)

  22. @Ilashree .. Its not Artz .. its Arv ,, and HE is a guy !

  23. n Arv .. its still as beautiful as i found it before :)

  24. Lol !! Fuckin blunder. [Caused by wine deprivation !! huh!]

    I so highly apologize for this .... ARV.

    What does Arv stand for but?

    I am really sorry, once again.

    Sheeh !!

  25. looks like a common case of ADS- Alcohol Deprivation Syndrome. that can be taken care soon ;) anyway nice thing this haiku..it's like maths wow :) maybe your kiddos will learn maths the haiku ways someday :P

  26. lol.. good to see the lounge in high spirits today... thought it may be due to ADS :P

    Arv is my nick... the name is Arvind :)

    Thank you PS :) - wats ur blog url? do let me know...

    H... as some say... life and numbers go together :P

    its a pleasure to be in the company of such fellow writers...

    my email is on the profile...

    stay in touch folks :)


  27. @Arv : i havent made a new blog yet .. just being on lounge .. but once i m back, you will be the first ones to know !! promise :)

    and m sorry i havent been visiting blogs .. so have missed reading your page since ages :$

  28. Rain... my favorite! :)

    And you've done this very well Arv... profound! :D

    Me wants to learn Haiku! :) :D
    Anyone to teach me?

  29. Thanks Artz :)

    well... its 3 lines... with 5-7-5 syllablic words for each line... and with a seasonal reference :)

    give it a try :)

  30. Artz, i gave the link to learn Haiku in my post above .. its from WL archive itself :)


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