July 18, 2009

Finding HER in you

The touch makes u feel so special. Her touch be it in the bed or be it in the movie theater, be it intentional or be it accidental. The 10000000 million current flows through your body and you feel numb. I have hold on to those memories. The touch lives on with you. You remember her fragrance, her body smell and the color, deep one of her eyes. Gazing never ends and the beauty in eyes never stops. You just get going n going to the depth of the eyes when you stare (see) her.

When she gets ready for a special occasion, the time she spends on it is very special again. Beyond words, beyond comprehension. I am not much aware of the beauty products for girls, so I won’t be able to tell much about the same, but when she puts on that kohl in the eyes and the mascara that’s pure magic and its killing. It has a killing effect….No sooner you see it, you go down on your knees and jump to kiss her.

When you get down going to movies – her or your choice, the hands automatically grip each other, intertwine in each other. Throughout the movie when she leans on your shoulder or holds on to you when she is scared or cries seeing senti movies, you put up a smug face and automatically move inch closer to her. In the interval, not to mention that you walk up to the food counter and get what she wants default. You know her in and out. You tell her this is the dress you would like her to be in and the color of the jeans or the apparel. She obliges. You feel a high.

When you are in sync with the other soul many such things make you feel loved n u get the urge to love. That’s what makes the feeling of the love being so special and so overhyped. This is a season of being in love as opposed to 2007 when everyone seemed to be nursing a bruised and broken heart. This year is good one for being in love. Go fall in luv and redeem yourself...


  1. yay!!!!!!!
    the movie scene reminded me of a movie i watched...shortkut

  2. I would say this was fantabulously awesome!!! :D :D

    I could relate to a lot of things written here... and what you said in the end... 2009 is a good year to be in love... :)

    Well said! :D
    Loved this post!

  3. oho sumbody is in love!!
    huz the handsome stud??

  4. @ FL,

    Sorry to disappoint you, but he ain't like any of the adjectives you used for him! :P

  5. oh poor gal....i thot yu found sumone like me...
    better luck next time

  6. @ FL,
    Ahan! You again misunderstood...

    Poor you!
    I just wanted to say that he is so very better than all those adjectives... when its about him, these adjectives start losing its meaning! He is that good! :)

  7. wow...didnt kno that you love me so much darling...muaaah

    yu flaterred me

  8. Lol...

    who told you its you????? :P

    Poor FL again!

  9. do i need to spell it out loud here babes?? they are reading our mocha/ccd posts...anyone can make it out hon

  10. Can we just stop messing up with the comment section of such a sweet post? Please?

  11. sure my love.....sorry sam.....but its kinda mushy post and we couldnt stop ourselves

  12. Hey Arthi and FL,

    nice to see your banter on this post of mine. if this makes u feel mushy then well my job done. i mean make u feel happy on the wodnerful emotions u guys share :)

    congrats for the same guys and keep the flame burning...

    the mocha posts were intriguing and mushy :)

  13. @ Bamble,

    Lolz... thanks! But there is nothing like that between us! :P :P

  14. @ sam..
    she's right
    its much much more than that...am at a complete loss for words..
    thanx fr the post bro...made us nostalgic

  15. Aww...this is so cute...m gonna put it into my blog...cut copy paste...sorry Bamble :-)

  16. or better still I will write the Finding Him in You...wait for it :-)

  17. go ahead cilla with it. put my name though :P

  18. hmmmm... beautiful post man... loved reading it once more...

  19. Bard, what does 2b mean ? i mean dont kill the language. ,makes it tough to comprehend.


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