July 18, 2009


Roamed about in this wild world,
Forever, and beyond,
Feet ragged from an eternal journey,
Heart as cold as stone,
No sight, left unseen here,
Or so my mind assumed,
A strange voyage this has been,
The elusive unknown I hope to find,
Deciphering the codes of my soul,
I try to know, the yearning of a kind,
A futile quest until now,
Been to numerous places, I have,
Far and wide, scattered,
None, ensnaring my heart,
Captivating me, holding on!
Until I stumbled onto this place,
And caught a glimpse of you,
Skipping a beat, my heart ground,
To a sudden halt!
A purpose achieved or so it seemed,
Welling up inside me was relief,
The hurt, the pain ebbing away!
Yet you seem nonchalant,
Ignoring the plea in my eyes,
You make this destination seem,
A heart-rending mirage,
For once this nomad had found refuge,
But you give me no reason to hold on!
I must.......move on!

PS: Image Courtesy - Silhoutte777 @ deviantart.com

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  1. brilliance of thought!
    maverick is a real genious in putting down verses! every line is coherent!@
    written brilliantly!

  2. Fantastic...

    Loved the way you have framed it and presented! :)

  3. @ Pulkit

    TY so much Pulkit! glad i could make u feel dat way! :)

  4. @ Aarthi

    Thank u so much! glad u likd it! :)

  5. hmmm.... excellent write mav...
    loved reading it again...

  6. @ Arun

    u actually went thru it again! dats a lot to do!TY! :)

  7. wish it was as easy to move on ...
    beautiful post !

  8. @ Prats

    Ur wish is da same as mine! but sumtimes we r forced to move on....mebbe even against our wishes....we do leave behind vestiges of our scathed emotions...but i agree!

    wish it was as easy! :)


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