July 18, 2009

Finding him in you

Its the way he looks at you, the way he looks like a happy child when he knows he put that smile on your face. Its the way he holds you when you feel weary of the world, stroking your hair telling you that all will be well. Its the way he wears a particular colour just because you think he looks good in it. Its the way he apologises after a mad booze night and tries to make it up to you with chocolates.

Its the way he lets go in front of you, fools around, cribs, cries and tells you his weaknesses. Its the way he knows that you are forgetful and reminds you to wish your friends on their birthdays. Its the way he wants to hold your hand when you are strolling in the park. Its the way he teases you just to see your cheeks go crimson. Its the way he calls you up and asks you if you have eaten. Its the way his eyes crinkle when he smiles, the way his hair falls over his forehead. Its that sms on a busy day saying 'I miss you a lot'.

Its little things that say how much you love, how much you care. Its the truth in his eyes when he confesses to some problem. Its the little thoughtful things he does that make it last long after the intial attraction is gone.


  1. WL is full of romance today...
    I'm luvin it...

    Stunning write Kajal...
    lovely follow up to Sam's post..

  2. lovely post Kajal. I can say a wonderful sequel to mine. i was looking for this post on ur blog :)

  3. Sweet post! :) I agree with Arun Kumar- the lounge is definitely full of romance today!

  4. Gal .. you make me fall in love !! beautiful words :)

  5. very few r lucky 2 exp such a thing n get bliss...nice write..

  6. I loved every single sentence written by you here girl... :)

    Only the few lucky ones get such a bliss... :)


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