July 17, 2009

And The Candle Burns in Joy

There is something i want you to hear
Hear the sounds, the laughter when you enter
Enter the Lounge..... the home of writers.

Writers we are, the best, people can ever read
Read and comment...the writes that we ink
Ink and paper...that's all we need to transform
Transform our thoughts....we turn it evergreen
Evergreen like TWL...where we Lounge, we Write, we Read
Read the posts which began with the first from Ste
Ste, Asbah and sandeeep's baby...never to be lonely

Lonely is the night...when we don't come here atleast once
Once you are here today....join the fun so unadulterated
Unadulterated and Pure...the celebrations may end never
Never to be lost in the depths of time, never to be gone
Gone unnoticed...never since the day our founders had it etched
Etched in our hearts, brandished in our souls...our Writer's Lounge

P.S| i love you Lounge....thanx Asbah...thanx Sandeep...thanx Ste.
Thanx Kajal (wherever you are) for inviting me here.
Thanx Prats, for inspiring me to experiment with poetry and the reason for the Book Review Series.
Thanx Rose, for being my co-author
Thank you all, my friends, for reading my writes....love you all


  1. Excellent work FL...
    God... there are no limits to ur experimentation nowadays... looped acro, four worded acros, to name a few...
    Loved it dude..

  2. oh oh .. thanks Prats ! huh !! as if i need that :P this write was enough to make me glad :) !!

  3. wat a lovely dedication..!! :) :)


    Happy B'day Lounge..!!


  4. Superb!! Fantastic!!

    Perfectly described what you feel for TWL... :)

    Good one...


  5. What can I say FL, this was amazing!!! This is truly what the lounge is :)

  6. @ rosh
    hey gal...hows yu? mood fine na?

  7. superb brother....nice

    happy bday.... woa aa


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