July 17, 2009

Writers Lounge - Happy birthday :)

Umm!!! Finally our baby completes one year.Group hug Loungers....I just feel bad for the fact that Asbah isn't here with us to celebrate this event.I am damn sure she is watching her baby from somewhere..Yippie!!! Happy bithday Writers Lounge and congragulations to all members without whom this place would be nowhere. This place contains immense talents and each one of us is bonded with this place. Our association with the writers lounge is so strong that despite of certain disturbances we regularly visit and post here.For time and again I've always been saying that Lounge is like your mother and leaving the Lounge is like leaving your own mother.Infact it was Asbah and Sandeep who told me this.I realize my faithfullness towards our Lounge and I am happy for the same.I have many memorable events associated with this place starting from the day1 itself.
It was on the same day last year that we created this.If it wasn't Asbah's idea,my work and Sandeeps involvement and Loungers support Writers Lounge would be dead. I've learnt a lot from this place.I have met many new people here, made many friends.I have seen teachers in from of Tan dada, Sandeep and Prats.I've met my alter ego in Kajal,Asbah,Aarthi, Mehreen etc.I have my siblings here Priyanka and Insiya. This place has seen talented people in form of Nabs,Arunkumar,Rosh,Sonshu,Leo,Riversouls,Shweta,Arv,Anurag,Hina,Rashi,
Akansha,Pulkit ,Nush sister,Abhri,Ilashree,Disha,Hashan and many . I have my partner in crime Arjun,Freelancer,Hashan and many more..I have met mysterious Vitruvian boy and Innovative Niks.I have seen the likes of StepMAN and Sandeep Malans.Talents like Neha ,Mona,Vasudha ,Divisha and many are a part of this family.How would I forget Chirag,the poet and Poshin.I wish to thank Raghav and Bharghav for their enormous contribution to this Lounge in forms of movie quizzes and reviews. Thanks a lot for the chain posts,the innovative poetry lessons and everything.Asbah and Sandeep,if it was not you guys then it would have been impossible. I still remember the difficulties we faces during the initial phases when we created this place.
As rome was not build in a day ,it took a subsequent amount of time and we executed it step by step.Our first contest had just 2 participants. I am aware of how Sandeep was disappointed with the feedback for the first contest.It was then we decided that second contest won't be that soon.One fine day in December,I read a post related to contest.It was the 'rain drenched lounge'contest post declarataion.It was raining in Pakistan and the same day Id was celebrated. I remember Tan da joined us from that day! haina Bhai??.It was grand and was beyond expectations.Over 25 participants and 50+ posts.It was amazing. Later on many more people joined us like Kajal,Shweta,John,More Orangee.It was a perfect fete.Then it was followed by Inspiration contest, Microhumour and Bharghavs Caption contest.I remember entry of StepMAN ,the promotions and everything related to the same.How could one forget the late night group chats on gtalk consisting of Lounge members.
Everytime we loved being here,as this place is special.Later on few disturbances in form of some gang harassing our lounge member and other things actually made this place something it wasn't.Activity dipped beyond imaginations,people started leaving,Admins busy and other such things.I just wish to thank you guys for whatever you all have done. Love each and every one of you for being an integral part of this lounge.Yes We read,We write and We lounge for sure.Lets celebrate this occasion.Yes,Asbah is watching,Kajal is somewhere witnessing this event,Priyanka is here and Insi is here as well .Get in guys.I just want this place to be remembered as a place where talented people lived together with unity..We will be here forever and ever..Thanks a lot.Member of Month for May and June Hashan and Arun can accept their badge.

And lastly,thanks a lot for making this place beautiful.

With lots of love from,
Ste ,Asbah nd Sandeep


  1. Thank you people for making it happen :) Your brainchild has really created a space in my heart too... Hope we have a loooooooooonger relationship :)

    Keep Writing, Keep Blogging, Keep Lounging!!

    Cheers and best of luck to all :)

  2. And yes, STE, I joined on that very day... through a comment - my story in comment which won the readers choice award too... How would I forget that...

    Since then, there was no looking back :)

    ... Thanks for everything :)

  3. thanks to everyone
    to make this place special
    and iam very lucky to get some very talented people here from tehm i learned a lot
    specially iam taking my english seriously

    i will remain foreverwith lounge
    best of luck to every body
    and happy birthday to lounge

  4. ...dis was ur journy till here..!!..lovd it vry mch...!!!

    Happy b'day Lounge n congrts to all..

  5. thank you all for all the love you have showered us with for last one year. It's this love and trust that has seen us prosper and scale greater heights. The lounge is nothing without you all. My family rocks. Thx for making this place special. I had tears in my eyes when i opened this page a couple of minutes ago, coz it was this very place that me, ste n asbah had so enthusiastically launched this day last year. I am sure ste n asbah are proudly looking at this place right now n wiping off their tears....

    Asbah......plz come back....wherever u are....your lounge needs u.....we need u....i need my islex....the celebrations can never be complete without u.....where are u for the group hug on the day tht matters most to us....i so know u will peep in today....i believe so.....waiting fr u....

    Kaju....wherever u r.....we miss ur presence....ur enthusiasm....ur bubbliness....ur charisma.....my golu bhondu series is incomplete without you....drop in n be a part of this celebration....of this child u so fiercely protected n loved.....i miss u here.....

    Happy bday lounge.....today is our day....your day....paint the lounge red with wishes.....celebrate till u drop dead.....

    LOVE U ALL.....

  6. i love this place...this is my home fellas...this is my home...i spend all my time here...this is my home...gosh m crying...

    pls kaj, pls asbah...come here...atleast today....just a comment wil be enough....

    Rose...come back soon

    i love you guys...i love you all

  7. this was a real emotional speech ste!
    tc god bless!

    leaving louge is out of question for someone like me!
    have many frns here!

  8. Superb speech ste.. came to know abt a lotta things in lounge history I didn't know...

    he he...n thanks for the rockin badge... I love it...

  9. Thank you :) And a very happy birthday to the TWL!

  10. what do u mean by "talented ppl lived here" .. they live and will live on beyond years !! :)

  11. Congo to Hashan n Arun Kumar :)

    Many Many Happy Returns of the Day to WL :)

  12. Hoii stibu mamaaa...!! :P :P

    wat else is left to say?? Am just proud to be here.. and to have known all of u.. :)

    and bring back stepMAN dude..... We need some fun.... :)


  13. Happy b'day lounge! Congrats to Hashan and Arun again :) This was a fantastic post Ste :)

  14. i loved these badges !! waiting to earn one more now ;)

  15. thanks a lot friends...me a bit emotional :)


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