June 2, 2009

The Unknown Soldier and his Wife

" Can you open the door now Mam?"

" See here Officer I can't I lost my child up few yards and lemme be in peace"

"I understand but my duty is to save remaining civilians"

"Then go save your Mom, just leave me alone, get lost!!, you and your bloody duty, who the fuck are you to tell me what to do? God made me live and God will decide when I die, NOT YOU!!"

"See here Mam, My General orders me to do stuff and I do it, If you don't comply I'll use force"

"I care two Hoods about your sick general, get the **** out of my face"

"I am breaking the door mam You have left me no option"

"God Damn you!! Zombies you are, if you break the doors, I'll get trapped inside, its better you just go, I'll come out when I feel like, are you not human mister?"

"In that case I will hoist you from above and I will have no further discussions Maam"

She started cursing him in words I dare not pen down.

He had climbed half way up the wall, try the pic for a take on the visual, but what he saw on the other side made the army man shiver with fear.

The woman was tied to four landmines. Any attempt to force the door would have blown them both.

The woman started crying.

"So now Mr. Superman can you go?" The woman said glaring at the hoisted soldier.

" I'll call for back up, but it would take 4 hours I guess and it's getting dark" -he reminded himself.

He could see fear in the woman's eyes. She would panic if left alone.
He got to work, gathered some food made a contrapment and hoisted himself at a level where the woman could see him.
The woman gazed at his efficiency with adulation.
" Now we can go to sleep" -he said.
"But what if someone tries to break the door at night or you fall down from that nest of yours"
" I have set up a alarm system, as for you you don't move too much in sleep, I hope you are peaceful in sleep. Take a nap , it will do you good."-soldier.

She extended her hand so that the soldier could take it. The warmth felt good.


  1. Ah!! m so glad i did not let you narrate this idea to me last night !! dude ... this is what i love in your write ... brilliant !

  2. This was not what I was about to tell you last night, one pic has a million ideas , whatever comes :P

  3. then i want to READ alll your ideas swt hrt !! waiting ...

  4. Fantastic..
    What an extraordinary interpretation.. I loved it..:)


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