June 2, 2009

To Hashan

Come hold my hand,
let me walk with you
till the darkness fades
and the dawn is all new.

Let me listen dear,
what your silence says
and give you a caring hug,
i am here for you always.

Let me wipe your tears
that you dedicate to her
they dnt make one feel good
but your paths they do blurr.

Oh see the day is upon us,
lets forget this painful night,
welcome hope in your heart,
let it shine through your smile.

I did not get a name for this write so just named it as dedicated to Hashan.. This poem is just for you dear ... Smile now :)


  1. awwwee I hope Hashan becomes all smiles.. :D

  2. A Friend in NEED is a Friend INDEED!!

    Smile now, you two... :)

  3. M sure..hashan wud be all smiles by now..:)

  4. aah..I need to turn the page I need to move on..I know i can do it !!
    Prats,The support,the carings i get from you is priceless..i cant explain,i am short of words now..


    Thank you dear for the words !!


  5. Awwwwww! So touching.. Smiles:)


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