June 2, 2009

My Piano and Me @ Night

The night haunts me. The day haunts me too. But when the sun is up, I can see people moving around me – talking to their friends or talking to themselves. As the night drops, my spine shivers. My ankles tremble. My wrists quaver. I fear my keyboard. The notes I play at night are all damp. The Middle C seems to be the best I can press. The C Chord stands beside it, like a lonely friend. The other notes seem obsolete or not understood. The piano does not play well. Or may be, I cannot play it at night. The environment is such – the ambience is such.

However, I long of it. I long for the night. I wait eagerly for the night to come, and when it comes, I get scared! I feel happy in my fright. I feel normal – maybe I was born to live only at nights. The keyboard frightens me. I plug it on and press the Middle C and it sounds like a trumpet. Which is the voice I am playing on? Let me see… its Grand Piano – the normal one! Then, why does it play a trumpet when I press the Middle C? I wish I would know. I keep playing it. C-C-F-G-E-C-C. C-C-F-A-D-C-C. These are the only tunes I can play. These are the only notes I seem to know. And the C Chord stays – 1, 2, 3, 4… it plays on and stops not! Thank you. Thank you for being there – thank you for staying there with me. There is no one. It’s night again!

The other night:

I was playing the piano. I tried the other chords and they played – they played well! I saw the time. It was quarter past 3. Almost morning! I moved aside, pressing the Demo button. It
played on a series of notes – all together – continuously! I felt content. Now, I could afford to leave my room and walk out. I walked out. It was drizzling. No, I did not get wet. It was not that heavy a downpour. I walked across the other door. I walked down the stairs and reached the road. It was silent. The neighbor’s dog was sleeping, inserting its head between his two fore legs. My steps created sound. It woke up – looked at me – woo woo – a mild woof – mentioning its presence – settled within itself again. I smiled – he knows me! I walked across the road. The road was wet – more than I was. Small rivers of water made their way through the curves and cracks. The iron-man (who irons our cloths) was sleeping beside his shop – tired, but comfortable! I roamed for sometime more and got wet a bit by then. I came back home. My piano was still playing. Dhig-Dhig-Chaak; D-Dhig Dhig Chaak! The time stamp read ¾. That was fine. Working well! I listened to the tunes being played and stood there at my door. I wished I could play the same one day – all by myself!


It’s not raining. It’s rather hot – I am sweating and it’s sticky. The RH (relative humidity) must be very high now. Anyways, the coconut tree across my room allowed a few wafts of breeze to creep in through my window. They were soothing. My piano was off. I did not switch it on for some time now. A couple of weeks, I guess. That is long enough, for sure. I took my new mobile – the touch maestro. I never loved a mobile so much before. Well, I am happy to have it now. The FM widget glowed, when I swapped the mobile desktop and I clicked on it. It started playing the only English FM radio station in town. And the song? One of my favorites and my sister’s too: Be With You by Enrique Iglesias! What a song – there could not have been a better time for it. Suddenly I want to write a few more lines for the song. I remembered the lyrics and I wrote:

I Wanna Be With You
Will I ever get a chance?
Will you ever let me dance?
Will ever let me say, how much I love you?
Wanna be with you!!

I am happy. I really want to be with her. The piano keys glaze. I switched it on and started to play the song – not the one I was listening to; but the one I wrote just now. I am playing the song now. The Middle C rocks – and so does the C Chord! And when both are together it is awesome. I pressed on Voice and selected 72 – Trumpet! All set now. I am playing it – my words, my tune, my song! C-C-B-D… I look at the clock. It’s quarter to 3. Almost morning!

Happy to have my space @ TWL back. I Love Writing here. More so, when somebody misses my writes. I am happy to be able to write my mind here. This post, is dedicated to Pratibha Sofat. Thanks Sis :)


  1. this was just so wow !! i really missed your posts Tan !! loved this one !!

    thanks you soooo much !!

  2. Welcome dear :)
    Happy to know that you liked ...

  3. really fascinating journey, learning music, just wait for the day it comes to you. Nice post and nice to know you stuck to the end.

  4. Really fascinating...wow!!! Well written! Ur learning music? Oh it takes time..it will happen!

  5. Thanks Aarthi and H... thanks for reading me....

    Thanks for the wishes little Princess... lets see if I can carry it forward...

  6. My father bought me a piano when I was at 7th standard..but i was never bother to touch coz i thought it was a boring instrument and i was fascinate about Guiter..I realised my mistake but it was too late he sold that off..I now miss my piano..:(
    Loved this post!!

    Me too missed your posts,your midnight scribbles..I just love them..Keep writing !!


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