June 14, 2009

The second face of the most beautiful thing on earth - LOVE

I got to see a lot of posts on love and romance today at WL... Thanks Mona and Arun for all the inspiration!

When you just enter into a relationship holding the hands of someone whom you supposedly love a lot... what a feeling it is...!! The first date you go on with your guy... the first time you hold hands, the first time he strokes your hair, the first compliment he gives you, the first flower... everything becomes so special isn't it?

But why is that all this seems deceptive in a few days' or months' time? Why is it that... when you kept clinging on to him in the first few days of the relationship held so much of meaning... and today may be after two months... it becomes like a suicidal rope around his neck?

After a few months, why those numerous 'Love You's' make you yearn for a well where you can jump into? Why is it that you don't like them anymore?
Why is it that all that happiness begins to fade... those smiles, the laughter, the peck...
Why is that this question - 'Will you please say for once that you love me' gets him irritated today?
Why is it that if you suggest him something, he takes it as a blame?

I know this post has become more of a ranting one, but I just could not help it. Love is not always about sweetness... it is not always sugary...

Things do get tough... But it is about adjusting to those changes...
Its about saying 'I understand' when he says that he doesnot feel like saying 'I love you' tonight. Life and situations will not be the same every single day!

Its about holding his hand when he needs you and not about holding his hand every single minute! That is love... :)

P.S.: I really hope this makes sense! This is a result of sheer randomness! :)


  1. wow gal...u wrote something which i cd relate to so easily...i felt as if someone was writing my mind....love it just beyond words :-)

  2. the bitter face of love...hmm..
    Love never fades... its the lovers who fade with the passage of time... cos romance fades...

  3. Great Artz =D I'm sure many people can relate to this :)

  4. now this is one post which holds so true for me!!!

  5. I guess there are different kinds of people. And after a while, though 2 months seems too less, we tend to take people we love for granted... Hence the "i love you"s cease. When people can be in love for 50 years, I really doubt that it is love to be blamed...

    I, for one, am not a person who says things easily. I rather that the person realise through my gestures. I know it is expecting too much but not so difficult either I hope!

    Sometimes, it is all about romance rather than love!

  6. I think the last line says it all.... :)

    The happiness that fades away, is maybe not fading away.. maybe its just that the expectations have grown.. But again the answer to that would be ur last line.... :)

    It's all about feeling love in each other's freedom ... It's abt making sure, with egos detached, that small incidents never ruin a bigger picture called 'Relationship' ...

    I wld change that a bit- Its about saying 'I love u' when he says 'I Understand'.

    Nice post Arii.. :)

    Ever heard me talk abt love this much ?? :P :P hehe


  7. @ Nabila,


    True, isn't it? :)


  8. @ Raash,

    God! You would be one hard nut to crack! :P

  9. @ Arjun,

    Small incidents never ruin a bigger picture called 'Relationship'... very well said! :)

    Never heard you talking so much about love and relationships! :)

  10. i relate to this .. i dunno why and when, love just left me .. i was stranded alone without any feelings ... and m still all so confused !

  11. umm... u know what i feel na :)
    i told u then itself !

    excellent post! :)


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