June 14, 2009

Couldnt stop lovin her.

It was first time in my life. Something I had for somebody had been reciprocated. I didnt feel it for sake of it. I could see it in her eyes. Her expressions and her stuff. For a guy like me who likes to go through every detail possible and draft the conclusions, those moments were magical. They lasted for close to a year and since then I tried hard many times to make them occur again, but magic comes in for just once. Going through those mails we exchanged from our company mailboxes when we gave 3 or 4 hootss to the filters n wrote openly mushy words :). Just took me to those good ol' days. The body feels different when you feel for somebody. The mind and the heart are on a different plane altogether. Her smell, her dresses were itched in my memory.

I had known all her dresses and her wardrobe. I loved when she wore sleeveless and jeans. Magical. I was always in jeans and shits/t-shirts. Wipro always had casual dressing culture unlike Infy. Her perfumes and her bags were well known. I had always gifted some small lovely gifts to her. Very smalll to big as good as a frame havin our snaps. Snaps taken out of Nokia 6600 with both of us holed together and me taking the snap. I signed in the frame with my of course over the top mushy stuff. Great thing was she reciprocated. She reciprocated with her expressions, her cuddling to me on the bike. The default action when to get on bike, her hand used to come on my leg when in salwar and then across my shoulders when in jeans. Sounds stupid. True it was. Those phone calls going late in the night. Me sitting on cold floor in winter nights speaking to her and pampering, waiting for her calls in the morning, lunch and then in the evening.

Definetely, obviously never sounded as sweet as she said it with her voice cracking in middle. If she was with me and her voice cracked I just kissed her. I just couldnt hold myself then. It was virtually impossible for me. The wait for mails and then getting impatient on not getting one within long time was mercurial. Songs of days still sound surreal. Esp from Jism and Salam Namaste. PDA was there. Hands went automatically together. Body chemistry becomes different than normal times. I dont know how, but adrenaline flows a bit stronger. And its not just about sex. More about connecting, more about talking. More about spending time with each other. Happy times. The rush to see each other. I didnt mind going extra yard to drop her office and then pick her up. Amazing ffeeling that. 20-30 kms in a day on bike on the highway. Who bothers if there is a beauty at the back. The one who you term your life.


  1. Its always a nice feeling when the person you love reciprocates your feelings! Is it not?! A lovely post! Take care!

  2. yo thurika, it really is :). glad u liked it.

  3. Love... the sweet times in it...
    Nice narration bro... loved it...

  4. thanks Arun :) u d find same stuff on my blog :)

  5. i already told u how much i loved it :) its amazing as always :)

  6. Sigh! Reminded me of crazy times..From the girl's view..but sigh nonetheless!


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