June 14, 2009


BACKGROUND: Somehow regard this as one of my best work that I wrote on my MUSE at one point of time. During my Mumbai days, I had got to know an amazing female with whom I went from the stage of a mere ‘scrap’ friend to chat friend to phone friend and soon to her boy friend!!The amazing part is that even though we had the feeling of love for quite sometime, we had never met nor seen each other for a long time. But when the time came to meet, the girl had a small problem which you will be aware as you read the narration.
(One night while in Mumbai after a lot of chit-chat)
BD- So dude, do you really want to meet me when you come down? Won’t looking at my snaps suffice for you?
C- No darling, its time that we meet and decide the future for us. Anyways, we have talked and chatted enough and so I feel time is right.
BD- But, I am hesitant.
C-Why? Don’t you believe me and my existence?
BD- Its not that dude, but I feel that once you see, you may not like me like the way you are doing now.
C- Listen BD, I just don’t like you, but LOVE you for what you have been to me at this stage of life. Besides, you are really cute in your pictures!!
BD- Well, that’s what I am trying to say. I am not a BABE that you may look out for. In fact I am plainer than plain Jane! What will you do if your family, friends disapprove of me?
C- I don’t care what others say of you, but I’ll convince family when the time comes. And I love for what you are, for your talents- the inner beauty that you have!
BD- I don’t know C, but I dread the future.
(Silence prevails for some time..)
BD- Why have you become silent dude? What are you thinking? Any second thoughts about me??
C- Well, you know I write poems right?
BD- Yes! And you know I just wait to read them!
C- Your doubts will get answered tomorrow. Check your mail by lunch time!
(Here is the poem I had written based on this incident. What happened next needn’t be discussed here )

They say that when one takes an effort that is hard
surely will be sweet that one gets as the reward.
But one may never get to sit back and reflect
on what is one, in life, is destined to get.
Even if anyone said it was a risk that I took
of falling for you, even without giving a look
I know that I will never regret it for sure
as else I wouldn’t have got someone so pure.
Though we have known each other for a while
it is known that if we have to go the extra mile
must be endured what all one faces as a tribulation
as in each other, we have many a limitation.
I have told you that a person without any glam
which may make you to accept me as I am.
But in all ways, I can assure you to be honest
so that you realize that I can be someone earnest.
Never I wanted you to have the look of a beauty queen
as the talents that you have, give you a unique sheen.
In your face, I see my whole life and the entire universe
that how much ever I say or write, it’ll still remain terse.
I hope I can see the night turn into day by your side
and in each other’s heart, we can always reside.
Our love for each other, may it always be true
so that we can bravely endure any cry or hue.


  1. Sometimes looks or meeting is not what is important and if for thinking so the rational ones want to call us illogical so it be... :)

  2. @RV,cant comment much..but tis was d hestitation some1 had ;)..n it inspired me..wat more can u say ;)

  3. Finally, I can comment on your story. :)

    Your story is really interesting and I find it sweet when poets compose for their loved ones. Unfortunately for me, I am only inspired when I am depressed.

  4. @Theo,
    thanks 4 d read senor!..wel i do write works whn am sober ;)


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