June 2, 2009

Pic-Nic 1998

Her: “Time to move on, honey. I am leaving this city forever”

Him: “Can you? I want you to stay”

Her: “I can. I have no choice. You have left me with no choice. And no words”

Him: “Don’t I have the rights on you to demand?”

Her: “I expected you to understand. I wanted you to support my decision. But all you gave me is that blank look. All you gave me is a week of silence. I feel that the distances have grown. You won’t find me even if you want to. You won’t see me even if you want to. There will always be a barrier in between us. A barrier which you can never jump over or see through. And you are no longer the one who used to fight all odds and jump all barriers for my smile. You have changed”

*With these words she burst into tears. She rushed to the rest room hiding her face in the handkerchief. The last thing she wanted was to leave back memories of a girl who can’t control her emotions. She stood there for a few minutes. Suddenly she felt a shadow loom over her. She looked up and her jaw dropped. The girls inside let out a collective shriek*

Him: I have not changed. I am still the same old crackpot. I was too dazed to react. I had no clue what to say. There are no barriers I can’t jump over to see that smile of yours. There are no screens which can stop me from seeing you. It’s as simple as this. Oops…Sorry girls…you may continue.


  1. now that i read all interpretations, i liked this one the most !! just so much heartfelt .. sometimes we misunderstand the other person's reactions !!

    thanks for this !!
    hugz !


  2. Most touchable..
    VERY SWEET..i loved tht smile thng:)


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