June 2, 2009

Pic-Nic 1999

Her: “Time to move on, honey. I am leaving you and this city forever”

Him: “Are you? Wow! Can you?”

Her: “I can. I have no choice. Enough of dealing with the idiotic you. I really can”

Him: “Wow! Can you?”

Her: “For you everything is a joke. You drive me mad with that forever smile of yours. Can’t you see that I am hurt? Can’t you see that all I want is you to listen and act sane? Can’t you see that all I want is some seriousness and not one of your jokes? Can’t you at least try to understand me? Can’t you be a normal guy like all others? Why did I love this good for nothing crackpot in the first place. My mistake!!! The first and last mistake of my life”

*With these words she burst into tears. She rushed to the rest room hiding her face in the handkerchief. She stood there for a few minutes. Suddenly she felt a shadow loom over her. She looked up and her jaw dropped. The girls inside let out a collective shriek*

Him: How can you? Mistakes like me are like golden shit. You have to be blessed to be at the receiving end. And I will be there with you always. Even if it’s this shit-hole. It’s as simple as this. Oops…Sorry girls…you may continue.


  1. now this is wat i call Balan post !! awesome !! loved it.... and now i have my story ready .. will write n post in night :)

  2. Chuweet hai re!

    As Prats said... perfect Balan style...

  3. Dude u r on fire... 4 posts ... different emotions...
    Lovely 96
    Sadistic 97
    Touching 98
    Funny 99
    This is my fav one of the lot...

  4. Balan's Touch..!!!!

    sinlge story..so mny emotions..
    Too good man..:)


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