June 2, 2009

Pic-Nic 1997

Her: “Time to move on. I am leaving this city forever”

Him: “Can you? I won’t let you”

Her: “I can. You have left me with no choice. You have reduced to being a blot on my family”

Him: “You are mine. I have the rights on you. I won’t let you leave like that”

Her: “The distances have grown. From the day you mailed our snaps to dad. From the day you chose to make all those intimate moments public. You won’t find me even if you want to. You won’t see me even if you want to. You broke my trust. You reduced me to a whore. Nothing can change that. Nothing can break this barrier between us. A barrier which you can never jump over or see through”

*With these words she burst into tears. She rushed to the rest room hiding her face in the handkerchief. The last thing she wanted was to leave back memories of a weak girl and give him the impression that he had succeeded in his attempts. She stood there for a few minutes. Suddenly she felt a shadow loom over her. She looked up and her jaw dropped. The girls inside let out a collective shriek*

Him: I can jump over any barrier. It’s as simple as this. There is no escaping me. Whether you stay in this city or move to a new city. Whether you stay in this country or move to foreign locales. You won’t be able to escape you past. Oops…sorry girls if I scared you all…you may continue. And you….till the next time….goodbye…..we will meet again.


  1. dreadful really !! pity the girl ... the worst fears are to catch up with your past !! atleast the enemy is known here !



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