June 2, 2009

Pic-Nic 1996

Her: “Time to move on, honey. I am leaving this city forever”

Him: “Can you? I want you to stay”

Her: “I can. I have no choice. There are lots of smiles at stake”

Him: “Don’t I have the rights on you to demand?”

Her: “The distances have grown. You won’t find me even if you want to. You won’t see me even if you want to. There will always be a barrier in between us. A barrier which you can never jump over or see through”

*With these words she burst into tears. She rushed to the rest room hiding her face in the handkerchief. The last thing she wanted was to leave back memories of a girl who can’t control her emotions. She stood there for a few minutes. Suddenly she felt a shadow loom over her. She looked up and her jaw dropped. The girls inside let out a collective shriek*

Him: There are no barriers which love can’t jump over. There are no screens which love can’t see through. It’s as simple as this. Oops…Sorry girls…you may continue.


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