June 17, 2009

A conversation(continued)

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Rani sobs.She is hysterical. Wait a moment.Is that laughter.Rani's friend is worried."Sorry"-said Rani"I am doing it for the first time"Her friend nods in consent.
"What is she going to do for the first time"- wonders he.He dares not ask him any questions again lest he receives more curse words.
"Hey Rani you picked the phone..talk now!!"-her friend urges.
"hmm ok listen yaar, i know I have been rude and said words I shouldn't have"-Rani starts."About time"-Raja interrupts, obviously the patiala went to his head.
Rani grunts. The same restless feeling. The wind in her face.
"I'll be honest Raja I had called you to say sorry but I changed my mind"-Rani
"why"- Raja ,exasparated, exclaims.
"There's something in your voice I have started to hate. And when I stuck up to you with a big fuck you, it felt good Raja. I can't figure out just why but it did feel great. Raja sorry if you need it, because it's just for formality's sake if it must be.The thingis I feel younger and lighter this way. And you helped me realize that.By being the way you are, I guess you are not really an asshole, just another guy in the wrong place at the wrong time.So I forgive you. God Bless"-Rani stops.
Cool breeze warm face. Raja trots a little, wavy, his stance. Face angry ,but yet,quite unusually, his heartfelt light.


  1. Interesting twist... didnt expect it the end this way...

  2. @H,Arun am giving it a diffrent ending dude..hope u dont mind ;)

  3. why should I mind, it's not for us to decide the ending... we are the authors...the readers will decide :)


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