June 2, 2009

Back to Being Us!!


We are back. Back to being "US". Back to the mayhem. The insane leg pulling. The poetic replies. The chain posts. The series. The stories. The lessons in excellence. Oops..the lessons in poetry styles..he he.

2 weeks of theme based writing at a rate of around 27 posts for every theme day.....hmmmm...a big hug. We understand that its time for a break. Time for unleashing the "moody" writer within us. Time to paint the canvas with all the different colours each one of us brings in. Time for us to lounge @ Writers Lounge.

We declare the lounge open for all your creative masterpieces here. Since some have already penned their takes on the picture posted yesterday, others can post their takes on the pic as well.

As far as the Writers Lounge is concerned......Let the mayhem begin.

P.S.: Cross-posting only on Sundays :-)


  1. I c kaju smilin :p

    Ya man its been rele long dunno wr i was n dunno wr others were..
    M glad u started somethin new atleast now v r on track.

  2. Dhanyavaad bratha shree... :)


  3. As I said I am all in for the pic theme, will try to write something today. But the idea was real good. Keep it one day atleast. :) my opinion

  4. a biiiiiiiiig hug to you !!

    ps: u know m the biggest moody writer of all ;)


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