June 1, 2009

I am BLUE without YOU !

I hide behind the bush
Without making a hush
But I feel blue
When i don see you

I sneak out with guts
but with your anger, it melts
I beg for your pardon
Singing your favorite song again

You turned red with your anger
But i will keep playing my guitar
Just to make you smile
I know, you are sulk just for a while

I will buy you a teddybear
If you stay with me here
I won't let you go ever
We are meant to be together

My sweetest angel you are
Hold my hand, please don't go far
I will serve you like your slave
Only with you i feel alive

P.S : After ages m bak to WL.. Feels like m bak home :). Hey sandy nice theme btw..Poem for Pic-Nic theme..Keep rocking guys..


  1. Lovely n sweet poem...loved it...

    First post for Pic-nic... u just edged me by a few mins.... he he...

  2. wow wow wow...way to go!! what an interpretation...thats why it becomes so fun...the way different minds perceive a pic..."I am blue without you"...hats off!! and a big pat on the back to kick start the week...

    P.S.: you can pen down as many posts as you want on the same pic...all that your mind can conceive...cheers!!

  3. wow this was too cute a poem loved it :D

  4. Arun
    Hehehe.. Thanx btw :)

  5. Oye sandy first of al hats off to u man for comin up wit such innovative ideas which gives work to my rusty brain :p..
    The first thing i noticed in the pic is the colour as there r no faces to girl n boy so i cant intepret the feelings with their faces.. But the color soo clearly said to me tat she is angry n he is sad .. :)M happy m back on track n writin for WL.
    V Rock..

  6. This is soo cute..and a very intersting interpretion..way to goo..


  7. chaarz
    Hey thanx chaarz..


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