June 2, 2009

Hidden and Concealed - Her life denied

She died. On a cold december night.
She was buried.... Buried ! My guardian angel !... In a small space inside the dirt...

I didn't have the stomach to see her being nailed in a coffin and entombed within a hole.

I ran... Away from my home... Away from her memories...

At some point, her memories caught up with me. I returned to our home. Everything we used was still in place, unmoved. Our room, our bed, her robes, her perfume... a sudden attack of fresh anguish struck me... I've irrevocably lost her... Her flawless face concealed for ever... I longed to see her... one last time...

I went to the cemetery. The sad, beautiful garden nurtured with human flesh.

I walked through the city of death. I found her space. "Loving wife, Devoted daughter, in the grace of God" . She is there, below the dirt, decayed. I sobbed. It was getting dark, The cemetery guard wanted me to leave. I didn't want to leave her. I tried to hide. I roamed around in the city of death, small compared to the other city, the living one and yet how much more have died than who are living .I reached the farthest part and hid there.

The angel of the night had spread her wings, darkness loomed. I came out. I walked slowly and quietly through the land full of dead people. There were tombs and crosses everywhere, I couldn't find where she was... Like a blind man, i wandered through the silent yard in the moonless night. My feet went through metal crosses, stones and broken flowers from the loved ones. With my fingers, i felt the name on every tomb... searching for the feel of hers...

Hours passed. I was still searching...

I was cold. My knees became weak. My breath deepening with my every step. I could not walk anymore. I cried. I've lost her even in her death... I cried... I shouted... I called her... I could feel the night getting more and more darker... blacker...I became unconscious...

They found me, the next day.... Lying on her grave unconscious.

My interpretation of the pic - The guy wants to be with her even after her death, visits secretly the land of the dead... just to seize a few moments with her alone.

P.S - this is my pic-nic themed write for this week...

n to the admins... can we post more than one of these themed posts per week.??

P.P.S - I wanted so much to be the 1988 th post....(my birth year)... missed it by a few minutes... :-( ended up as 1990th post..


  1. arun...

    you may post as many takes on the picture as your mind can conceive...no limits...

    and for this post...fabulous....a wonderful interpretation...cheers!!

  2. written like this...it has to be arun...n bingo m corect :D
    beautiful interpretation:)
    u shud hv waited fr few more minutes, then it would hv been my birth yr :P

  3. Hey awesome intepretation man.. He wants to b wit her even after death is fantabulous.. Loved it..

  4. @sandeep
    thanks man...
    planning to post more...

    Thanks so much rosie...
    sandeep stole ur birth year... :-)

  5. @blossomblue
    thanks vasudha for ur appreciation...

  6. @ Arun,

    Superb! Loved your interpretation!

    Love the way your imagination runs da! :)

  7. @Artz

    Thanks Artz.... you would not like the first thoughts which came to my mind on seein the pic... he he..


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