May 7, 2009

You remain

I had a good time again today in the Lounge, after quite some time. Liked it much. All it has done is to remind me of my olden days in here. And a few words just fell out of my mouth. Reminded me of those eyes – reminded me of those poems, comments and replies – of that eternal comfort! These are those few words:

Even when in pain
In the deepest of my heart
You’ll always remain


  1. kya bat hai TAN bhai
    memories of the lounge will always remain in our heart

  2. yeah direct dil say :) Haiku remains my favorite genre :)

    loved it!

  3. as chirag would say,

    vadiya! :)

    nicely done!

  4. Thanks mates... I just want to tell everyone here that

    ... all the time I spent here
    ... all the moments I chatted
    ... all the Friends I got here
    ... all the special things I shared
    ... and all the COMFORT I felt here

    ................. will REMAIN :)

    All these and TWL Will remain ... somewhere, deep inside... always!!

    Thanks to all of you :)

  5. Asbah,

    Haiku is my fav too... I feel this as building blocks for so many other formats of Poetry Writing...

    Thanks for reading me :)


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