May 4, 2009


I think many of you missed the Third part....check it out here..!!!

"Abhi. If my father was alive, why did i live the life of an orphan?" Kripa asked. Abhi looked to Kripa and took her to the bench and they sat together.
"Kripa, i am here you tell the reason to you."Abhi started.

"As i told you, Mr.Williams has seen many people dying because of leprosy, so he wanted someone to study about it and find a cure. He had no other option but both of us. So, he joined us in the orphanages that he believed would best take are of us. He wanted us to study medicine and research about the disease and here we are, the research students on Leprosy."Abhi smiled.

"But Abhi, we could have done this being with my father too...but why are we away??"Kripa asked.

"Dear, Mr.williams thought, if we were there with him, we would waste time taking care of him which the hospital nurses can do too. He didnt want us waste our time with him." "But how can taking care of father be a waste of time??"

"Kripa dear, dont think about it now. You are now going to meet Mr.Williams. I will take you to him.He must be waiting for, waiting for you, his Angel..!!"

Kripa was very happy listening the last lines of Abhi..she is finallly going to meet him.

*******after a while*********

Kripa and Abhi reached the place where their father is resting with his treatment. Kripa had loads of thoughts in her mind, but her heart was dancing with joy.

"Kripa. this is our dad's room" Abhi stopped Kripa who was moving forward.

Her heart started beating faster. She is now going to see her dad, who she never thought to be existed. She entered the room seeing the man on bed. He was totally tied up with the bandages. there was blood stained almost all over. It was not a new sight to her, but when he saw her own dad, tears rolled down.

"Hello Kripa, welcome my angel. How are you???" Mr.Williams broke the silence.
"Yes Sir, i am fine. how are you feeling now??"Kripa spoke finally after a long silence.
"Sir??? Dear, I am your dad...!!"
"Dad...!!!"She broke into tears.

She never used that word before, and now, she knew it was tough to use it..!!!

There was a long conversation between Mr.Williams, Abhi and Kripa.

"Kripa and Abhi. please help the world from this disease. Its very hard living it."Mr.Williams said to Abhi and Kripa.

Those were his final words. Mr.Williams is no more. Kripa broke down and Abhi was shocked. It took them months to get to the normal state.

Kripa and Abhi are again left alone in this world. But this time, in the world of Leprosy patients. Kripa and Abhi worked very hard from there after trying to findout cure for the disease.


Hello friends, I thank each one of you of the Lounge who encouraged me to write this first ever series. Thanks a ton. Before, I end this series, lemme tell you....this story is taken from a true incident. There is a student working day and night for finding the cure of Leprosy. Lets wish him all the good wishes from the Writer's Lounge and dont ask me about him, coz i heard about him when i was twelve.

Thanks once again...!!!


  1. And hopefully ur friend is able to achieve the goal:)

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    thanks for the wishes dear..!!!

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    wow dear! :) what an ending!

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    thanks dear..glad that u liked it..!!!

  5. this was so very beautiful !! do write a lot more such !!


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