May 2, 2009


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Kripa looked Abhi suddenly.
"You knew it already?? she asked...!!!
"Yes Kripa i knew it already. Mr.Williams is not a happy living man. He hasnt been out of bed from the time he left us."Abhi explained in tears."Mr.Williams is a patient of Leprosy".
Kripa couldnot believer her ears. She herself was a student of Medicine and she is studying various Leprosy patients. She was feeling very bad as she didnt knew about this before.
"I would like to meet him now. Please Abhi...take me to him"She begged him with tears.
"Kripa let me complete."Abhi continued."Mr.Williams suffered very much with the disease. With no family left, he wanted to marry someone who can take care of him. But then, he decided not to make a innocent women suffer all her life. So, he married a lady who was suffering from the same disease."
"How good hearted your dad is. In his life, he wanted to be his own light."Kripa spoke with a smile.
"Dear I tell you something very important. I am not his own son. I am an adopted child. My parents were the patients of Leprosy too. They died when i was five" Abhi started again.
"After Williams adopted me, he joined me an orphan home that took care of me. but i was taken home very home so that i wouldnot miss my parents."
Kripa listened as Abhi told her about her life.
"But after an year, you were born. Mr.Williams found all the happiness in the world to be with him from the very second."

Kripa suddenly got up from the bench she was sitting. She could not believe her years again.
"What? Is Mr. Williams my dad??"Kripa asked with joy.
"Yes, dear he is and you are my God given sister." Abhi replied.
Kripa was in joy. She know knew that she has her father alive. Till date she was an orphan living alone. She always wanted to see her parents but thought they were not in this world anymore. But today when Abhi told her that Mr.Williams is her Dad, she was the happiest alive on Earth.

When she got down from the clouds infinite, she turned to Abhi with a doubt.
"Abhi. If my father was alive, why did i live the life of an orphan?" She asked.

To be continued...!!!


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