May 5, 2009

The Ultimate Peace!

Hands that prayed for life once,

Now begs for the ultimate peace..

How easily did it pick that knife

That which oscillated between the hand & wrist

Tracing down the very lines of destiny

Like giving one last chance

Chance to breathe a little longer

And then dug deep into the veins..

Blood gushing out,

Streaming down those very hands,

Now blurring those lines of destiny

Flowing with it are

My deepest wounds,

The Pain, The Hurt

Agonies washed,

I feel the peace come on..

I see the whole world in a carousel

I am on a high,

I relive my life – in a matter of seconds

Those memories which were once coloured

Seem to fade away, some suddenly erased

I lose myself in its rhythm

A lullaby sung to me

I sink to those depths

Depths I din’t know existed – they soothe me..


I suffocate

My breathing is laborious

Each breath heavier than the other

I am swathed in Darkness

I gasp, I struggle

I choke,

The insides of me churn

Emptiness seethes in

Voices around a mere echo,

My visions, they defeat me

I see the hand of death..

And I know – I have been granted the “ultimate peace”


  1. Dark and sad! But wonderfully expressed nonetheless! gr8 work! :)

  2. I could actually feel it, when I was penning it down.. Thanks for dropping in..

  3. @Sheena: wow!! if someone could write how it feels to die, it will be this way.. beautiful!

  4. @ Kajal

    I am not sure if this is how it feels to die.. But I believe it would be equally peaceful and painful..

    Thanks (Do I come across as a pessimist?, I wonder now?) :D

  5. lol no you don't come across as a pessimist.. wait for the time when the lounge goes in a 'dark poetry' phase, you'd say 'ah we are all too human, mere mortals' :D

  6. the idea of taking away life in hope of peace is far from appealing...yet the way you have expressed it, it seems just a wee bit less appealing now:)

  7. i agree with all here! :)

    beautifully penned! :)


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