May 4, 2009

Thank You!

I don't know why I am writing this. Maybe because once again, I am giving into my desire. Of just writing. And not thinking of reasons for it. I was studying MTO (A stinking subject which carries major marks for my upcoming end semester exams :(..) and i just felt...felt like thanking you guys for making the day beautiful!

I have to admit that this birthday was one of my BEST. So much love and so much fun! My heart says THANK YOU loudly to everyone!! Those who wished and those who didn't! Coz' those who didn't would surely have done if they knew about it!!(it wasnt in the list you see :P .....)

Ohh..and by the way, special thanks to 3 people who poured in intangible affection and love to this day!! :

1. RV

You have unending energy! I haven't ever seen the same in ANY FEMALE till now!!
The sweetness and childish maturity you posess is one of your most treasured assets, and this is true even if you dont know/accept it ... :P ..

Though you are a total mess sometimes, which irritates me to the CORE, other times you are pretty NORMAL. :P (i hear a "so mean" right now :P)

Thanks for the wishes through that beautiful (as usual) dedication of yours...LOVE YOU!

2. Shweta(I hate calling your name, for me, KID is preferable.... :)..)

You are innocent. And i know you love me a lot. The worst part is i love you too.... :P (jus kiding...)

DONT remain as you are! BUY SOME BRAINS!!

Tujhe thanks bolne ka mann to kar nahi raha...(sar pe chadh jaayegi faaltu me.... :P)
Jus kiddin.... :)... Thanks kid for the beautiful poem dedicated to me... I loved it!

3. Aarthi

You are the bond girl...Though i may not know you very well now, i can foresee fights and hair pulling!!
You are sweet and charming..and a lovable personality! Keep rockin'!

And know you hit the LAST SHOT! And it was the major one!
Thanks for getting all of us together....!

....and all of you! Prats,nab,vinay,mav,aps,kaju,chirag,hashan,......n i am too lazy to mention all other names.... (sry..... :(...). for making this special. Hope others, whom i missed, will forgive me.... :P

So as the night deepens, I thank all of you for showering me with so much care and love and most of all rocking friendship, and making this birthday a memorable one. AND I MEANT EVERY WORD OF WHAT I SAID. :)

Tc ppl...

PS: A very informal address this was to all of you. So it is kindly requested that all errors be please ignored. :P


  1. Aww.. Koi aa kuch jyaada hi emotional ho gaya. :P

    You called me RV means you are cuckoo in the head today.. Pakka and that too you did it twice!

    Get back to normal..Jaldi.. chalo 15 mins for malfunction!

  2. :) pyaara pyaara thank you note.. :)

  3. Shit ste... :(..m sry... :(.... main bhul gaya....i tol u na yaar....ghajini prob... :(....

    I am actually tensed a lot...i am still as i can see MTO pages flipping in front of me... :(...

    Sry dude... :(

  4. @rashi
    Nothing is emotional here.. :x... gratitude dats wat it was! idiot u are.... "vill..." zipped i should be... :P..

    n no malfunction today i hv to stdy... ;)

  5. @kaju..

    thnk u thnk u.. (*bows*) ;P

  6. yeah yeah malfunction will happen... :P

  7. hahaha omg...someone actually thanked me...huh...i agree rash...its a huge for gratitude...when have u strted becoming grateful to me evr...haha..thanks for buying brains u already knw my answer svthrt...mmuuaahhh...luv u loads...

  8. arreh Rash and Shwe bahut bada malfunction hai....ajj yeh jyada hi modest and thankful hai :P

    heheh see what i told u...people love you a lot na...aur tu na ....jyada hi thank shank kar ke tu bhi.....aur exam ki na no tension....fod dena bus :)

  9. @nab
    abey ooo... nthng like being modest......hadh ho gayi!!! thnxhi to kr raha hun yaar!!!!

    n as far as exams r cncrnd...god knows kya hoga!!!!

  10. Hey bro!

    Gr8 post! Everyone did their bit to make ur day special! I contributed in my small way too! :)

    No thnx was a special day fr u....nd dats wat frnds r for, multiply ur joys nd divide ur pain!

    ab bahut ho gaya! ab MTO par dhyan de! :P :P :P :P

  11. Kya maine kisi ko 'thank you' kehte hue suna???? *Ears open*

    Hey Nik, you don't have to thank us for anything honestly. It was your birthday and we allwanted to wish you our way, and that is what we did! :)

    Yea, fights and hair pulling...even I forsee that! :P
    Sweet and charming? Thank you hai! :P

    Keep Rockin'



  12. thanks?! :O

    who says thanks for wishing a friend on a birthday? :P

    give a hug! u do have one thing to be thankful though!

    we can't give u birthday bumps! :P :(


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