May 1, 2009


Missed the first part?? it here....!!!

"i am here to tell you the truth Kripa. I fear to know your reaction" Abhi turned the other side.
"Whats wrong Abhi? Is Mr. Williams fine."
"Yes. He is. But i want to tell you who actually you are"
"It doesnt matter to me now. I am here because of Mr.Williams and i just want to meet him once"
"Before you meet him, let me atleast tell you about him. He is my father and i saw him some years back when you were a little girl say an year old."

Kripa was dumb struck. How come Abhi miss to see his own father because of her?- was the question that was haunting her. She couldnt think of any answer to it and, she waited to hear it from Abhi.

"Kripa i dont blame you for it. Its our bad luck."
"What happened Abhi that your dad left you?? that too when i was born"
"Kripa it has got nothing to do with you. but yes, you were born at the wrong time..!!!"
"I am the most unlucky girl Abhi. I know how bad to live with out parents. My birth has taken away your dad too. Sorry Abhi", Kripa broke down to tears and fell on her knees.

The white rose fell off from her hand. This is the first time that Kripa left the flower that Pari gave her. Even in her work every day, Kripa put it in a beautiful vase and used to carry it with her back home again.

Abhi managed to help Kripa come down and let her to the park bench beside them. He picked the white rose and gave it to her again.

"I am really very sorry Abhi. I am responsible for your dad not being with you. I am sorry." "Stop being sorry dear. I hate that word. Let me tell you, you are not responsible for it. we knew that we were gong to face it one day."
Kripa looked Abhi suddenly.
"you knew it??" she asked......!!!
To be Continued...!!!


  1. can't wait for the series to continue yammi! :)

  2. @Leo

    hahaha...but u have to wait Vinay...!!

    sometime waiting makes it better..!!!

  3. aha! i too wana know many whys popping in my head :)

    yeah, we'll wait yamini :) come back soon..

  4. @.a.

    thanks dear...willl be back soon..!!

  5. n the suspense gets stretched again:)
    cmon now, spill it out!!!


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