May 3, 2009

We think it is about morality!

Scene V
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ME: Good fences make good neighbours remember? Everyone fends for himself. Why do we need borders, the military and the national anthem if it were free for all to plunder?
MIRROR: What is the difference then, between the animals and humans? To each is own. You own whatever land you land on, until you cannot defend it. So you form an army and hail them as martyrs. To what end? Defending humans from humans?
ME: Remember the Mumbai attacks? You have to gaurd yourself in waters where sharks prowl. As much as you may like to believe otherwise, or hope rather, this is not like the world somewhere over the rainbow. Pragmatism is the catchword, not romance.
MIRROR:So its all about survival isn't it? A human life is more precious than that of a hundred red ants. Pragmatism allows you to buy guns while letting many a child sleep hungry at night. Is that what we call security? Guard  your self until you cannot tell the shark from the fishes? 
ME: Ah! And we think that it is about morality.
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  1. heyyyyy first ;)

    sometimes there is no clear divide.. sure we need security with the way things are..but if the day every human being feels why do we need security, we wont need security no more.. :)

  2. Wow....such clarity of thoughts and still ambiguity in da discussion among ourselves! Luvd da *mirror nd me* technique! just plain awesome! :)

  3. @Kajal : Yay!

    Well said about each human not wanting security. Also, each human not wanting to harm anyone (not just human) is also a mindset we need to create

  4. @Maverick: U sure have been encouraging right throughout this series!

  5. this is indeed difficult to comemnt on !! too much thought.. wat i beleive is .. take preventive cares but not to be too hyper about safelty !! there's destiny too :)


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