May 1, 2009


"Good Morning Didi", the little girl wished Kripa.
"Good morning Pari", Kripa wished kissing the little girl on her forehead.
" Didi today this white rose will make your day."
" thank you sweet heart."
" bye didi."
"bye Pari"

Kripa stepped ahead in her way after paying the little girl her. Kripa buys a flower from Pari every day. She wanted to help the little girl get medicine for her unhealthy Dad. Pari loves Kripa so much that she waits for her at the same place every day and gave her the first flower.

Kripa walked to the bus stop and was waiting for the bus. she noticed that an old woman was starring at her. she then started smiling. How can the old woman stop herself from seeing Kripa.She was a young girl in her early twenties with black eyes and think black hair. The fair girl was wearing a white dress today which made her look like an angel on Earth.

Suddenly the bus arrived and Kripa boarded it. She was waiting for the destination place to come soon. She awaited for that time since her childhood and now, when she is just some minutes away, she couldnot wait anymore.

When she was lost in her thoughts, the bus stopped. she couldnot believe it. She has already reached the place. just a few more mintues and she is gonna see the special man for whom she was waiting for since long time.

She walked to that place where she was supposed to meet the man. To her surprise there was already a man sitting there reading a newspaper. She dint know if he was the man she was waiting for. Doubtfull she went to him.

"Hello sir. Are you Mr.Williams?? My guardian??"
"Hello Kripa. It was nice meeting you" the man stood up with a smile.
"Mr.Williams..Glad to meet you. i was waiting for you since i was 10."
"Kripa. I am not Mr.Williams. I am Abhi. His son."
"oh..Hello Abhi. Where is Mr.Williams? I wish to see him once."
"i am here to tell you the truth Kripa.I fear to know your reaction"

To Be Continued...!!!


  1. Yikes! I'm waiting to know what happens! :D

  2. damn..! i was jus reading casually....and at the end i was!

    Waiting for the next part.... eagerly....

  3. @Ms.R

    thanks dear..!!! will do that soon

  4. @Nik

    i started it csually too..will do the next part soon..!!!

    thanks dear..!!!

  5. @Iron girl

    will do it soon...will not keep you waiting..!!!

  6. Nice start....anxious to read more! Keep it cmin! :)

  7. something tells me Abhi has a bad news...

    good going Yams.. bring in the next part.. :D

  8. suspense kills:)
    nicely set up...waiting 4 the next part!!!

  9. @Pink Orchid

    May be....but its not sure that Abhi has a bad news..!!!

    thanks Kajal...!!!

  10. arre....suspense mein chodkar chali gayi ..!!

  11. @Aparna

    Agar jaoongi nahin toh wapas aathi kaise???

  12. aaww...suspense suspense...waiting for the next part

  13. @Harshan

    Wait there...will be back soon..!!!

  14. Bring it on fast Yamini...

    *biting nails*

    Wondering waits gonna happen next!



  15. I meant...whats gonna happen next...
    Sorry for the typo! :P



  16. that was a real impressive start yamini!
    god bless ya!
    waiting for more... applause!

  17. @Aarthi

    haha....will bring it in a suspense for a while..!!!

  18. @Aarthi

    its ok with the typo yaar....i can understand they happen...we are not born with the computers na...!!!!

    dont be sorry friend..!!!

  19. yes yes... write more :)

  20. glad i got time to read previous posts... gonna read all parts now ..


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