May 11, 2009

Together Forever...

So my first tryst with the mush. I wrote it few months back, dont know if it is worth reading.

Together Forever… Walking together.
Loving each other so effortlessly.
Sharing and Caring, we’re closest of friends.
Always together - Our love never ends.

Together, Forever - Our hearts are so true.
Together, Forever - Just me and you.
Together, Forever - Let love have its way.
Together, Forever - We’re happy each day!

Till the next time,

P.S I cross posted it from my site other than blogger. I know I cant write about this one feeling, very bad at it, sorry if it was bad :D


  1. firstly.. no soory accepted here .. every rite deserves a reading and appreciation for its good :) this was simple, sweet and heartfelt :)

  2. now if you dnt mind, i just wanted to point that except first two lines, rest lines rhymed .. its not a compulsion fr all lines to rhyme .. but just that its breaks the pattern here!! a lovely poem indeed .. sorry if u dint like this comment .. i will remove it after ur reply

  3. lol!
    i didnt mind at all...jus commented on ur sonnet post...i cant rite with rhymes...breaks my flow :D
    n I'm here to no sorry accepted as well:D
    thanks a ton:)
    n thanks for appreciatin, it was very sweet of you :)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. good to see that ! i was afraid you might not like it once i commented .. :)

  6. arre na re...critics are the best admirer,atleast in this case:) :)

  7. Lovely poem. Ya like prats said first two didnt rhyme but others did. I liked it though

  8. oho...kya ho raha yaha??? btw saw ur commennt nw??? so hu yu asking??

  9. arre...I'm asking you, who family is very limited here you see:)
    N you were supposed to comment about my tryst with mush here !

  10. oh would say you are beginning to be in TWL or take advices from me...and

  11. AHH ROSE....

    dnt u knw our W L crossposting stuffs girlie....crossposting,reposting n all during weekends.....

    abt poem...

    no words...beautiful...its worth reading

    do read those 4 wl rules... .okie


  12. Lovely poem...
    You say u r bad in writing about this feeling...
    u must've seen my pathetic attempts...they are stored as drafts in my blog...never intend to post em too...

    compared to mine ...ur poem is 1000 times better...

  13. Hey Rose,

    That was sweet and simple.. Keep writing

  14. @arun
    aaawww...that was sweet...but i never compre any writes...every writer writes with a heart...all you neeed is a heart to understand:)
    thanks buddy...but do post your attempts, you've got readers here, waiting:)

  15. you know what? After some tuning and editing here and there.. this could be sung.. :)

  16. Ya, we'll surely try!
    This is what my band needed :D


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