May 11, 2009

Smile Valley High


Angela Matthews, 8.15am

Its a new day of school. Oh my god! Once again cheerleading practices. Hope i get selected captain this year too. Im so scared. New students and all. Im hyperventilating. Someone help me....New boys, new girls, new relationships, new friendships. I still miss Ben. He was really sweet. Why did i have to break up with him? Oh crap! Where's my tie? Oh no its missing. "Momma!!!". Its 8.15 already. School starts in another 20 minutes. Oh how will i reach by that time? Hope all goes well.

Ben Stiller, 8.20am

Why? Why did she break up with me? I still love her! Oh no, im getting late and breakfasts not ready yet. New students are coming. The school will be filled, i hate crowd. I'll be amidst those excited freaks, missing angela. Angela please come back to me, we can go to all you favourite places once again. Im going to be late, god save me.

Stella Symond, 8.30 am

Im the only one in the library now. Schools going to begin in another five minutes. We have Physics first and i havent yet finished reading the chapter. I hope i make friends today. This chapter seems easy, im sure the teacher will finish it today.

Justin Mathews, 8.30 am

The library lights are on wonder whose in there before me? I came early to school as usual. Ive never seen anyone in..Wonder whose the nerd? Anyways im prepared for today's physics lesson. Its sure going to be fun! I love theat chapter. New children. Im sure they will be unruly. New kids always are. Oh its a girl in the library! Thats weird!

Okie guys i thought of starting this series called Smile Valley High! This is some of the students diary entries before first day of school. Its a school with many love webs, fun, masala and all u need! So tell me if you like it then i shall continue!


  1. kiddo...liked the beginning...waiting for more

  2. ok gurl...nice to start off with...go hv got readers:D

  3. nice series sonshu !! looking forward to more :)

  4. nice intros :)..its gonna be a fun series!! making me nostalgic !! waiting for next part :D

  5. @Hashan: Hmm..its gonna be fun 4 sure! Will write soon

  6. @Princess Nuchu: Will sure cont dearie

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  8. seems to b fun...sounds romising...go for it, gal! :)

  9. oops....I meant promising! :P :P :P

  10. Go go go for it Princess! :D

    Loved the beginning!



  11. Sounds fun!! When is the next one coming?


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