May 11, 2009

My spritual jagran- 4

Part 1

Part 2
Part 3

and for a few days,I forgot that I was there to study computers and not to study the morphology of my roommate...not to compete with my batch mates on who can give better 'mallis' to the seniors...and then the holy souls realised one day,that I was wise and pure enough to be blessed with 'moksha'...and I tell you,once you attain this,you realise that you are ready yourself to actually mould the next breed of 'aspiring engineers' to 'your types'...who must realise that they are not coming to this college to become engineers,but to understand that 'life is short,so have fun' know that it's a cool thing to decorate your speech with some fashionable words,migrated from US and north India...To understand that 90% of the professors are crap even before they attend their 1st class...and once these 'holy thoughts' are configured in their brains,they are also eligible to groom the next gen :-)....

And this is what we call as 'Spiritual jagran'....


  1. perfect and best jagran if done properly !! n i thanks my seniors to help me know my talents!! :)

    does it end here ?? plz say no ..

  2. @ Ms R
    yeah " the mahan jagran" lol..thanks :)

    @ Prats are right :)
    yes its ends here :(( ..

  3. Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiii :P

  4. you opened my eyes Hashan.. :D I feel spiritually liberated.. hahahahah this is very very interesting.. :D

  5. Amen Bhargav :)


    really?? glad u find it interesting :) i thought ppl getting bored !!

  6. I'm really sorry ...But i'm not good in hindi..whats jagran..?? (something like liberation...??)

    anyways...perfectly crafted story about everyone's hostel life ... its all jus about fun..

  7. Hey Dude,
    That was good.. So it was no disappointment after all.. Well crafted, intelligent and hilarious..


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