May 26, 2009

Someone's love story

Let me tell you a love story today. What I am about to tell you is absolutely true, the fact that I am stressing on this is that it may seem untrue at times. But, life is weird we must agree.

Some time back when I just finished college I got talking with a very old school friend of mine. She was very sweet , I thought so , further, I was excited at the prospect of our first meeting. I concocted some weird story about luggage and got my train ticket through Delhi. First time in four years I changed my route to home. But, in love you do many things for the first time.

I landed in Delhi and her sweet voice echoed in my ear. She insisted we meet at her house first. I was ok with anything just a little scared to meet her parents. And as me and my chaddi buddy rode from Noida to Kausambhi in a tattered scooter and ill fitting helmets, I felt the air amusingly inviting and head lighter than normal.

She lived on the 12th floor, and I took stairs to make a more permanent mark in memory. And, wow, when I saw her beaming face I forgot my own name. I won't get any mushier here. Love at first sight, of course it happens ,like a thunderstruck man i followed her into her house. We sat and talked of old memories, I was laughing unnecessarily now that I think of it but she seemed to like it so I didn't stop.

And that was the start of my own sweet love story. I never turned back , I did everything a good understanding boyfriend would do for her sweetheart and even more. That 'boyfriend' part I assumed unknowingly, blind to the fact that realities could be grossly different. So was life, happy, I visited her sometimes and I called her always and that was good.

As magically as this romance had started it started to fade away. I tried to hold on, I tried to fight, I tried everything. Ah! a fool I was because in the matters of the heart there is no trying, only things happen and they don't. And they didn't.

Last month I got a call from her. She is getting engaged to some family friend's rich son, rich son of a bitch. She says life goes on, you must move on too. I said the love was mine, let it be so.


  1. nice.. is it fiction?

    the thought is nice.. and the way you elobrate it its great..

  2. I dont thimk its a fiction....
    Good use of words Abhri......
    Good attitude towards life.....
    "Life goes on" loved it very much.....

  3. Thnks guys... as I always say truth is stranger than fiction :) so illusion and Kumar no comments about that part :)

  4. Mindtree... u never use bad wrds fr anyone dear,,, not even in ur writes.... then y this ??

  5. ouhhhh !! The bridge couldn't be built here.

    He was really upset Pratibha, and that's why perhaps the usage of that word.

    Yet, Abhrajeet kept it to good limits, had I been there, my failed love stories reminiscenes would be soaked in slangs !!

    He's cool.

    The write is cool, saddening in the end.....

    The words are good as always.


    ((((( HUGS )))))

  6. hmmm, pretty hurtful, could feel the ice wedging..


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