May 26, 2009

MaGiC - ( Called loved )

MaGiC - ( Called loved )

He woke up, very early in the morning and rushed towards the door leaving a bye note , clipping his belt and buttoning his shirt. He wore his socks in his car and drove it fast. It was cold though it was just start of October, with October something flash in his mind and his ears heard a voice;

You forgotten my birthday.. I reminded
you since start of October
and then you say you married me
because you love me

He looked around but found no one, carefully he parked his car and hurried off in the building in front. As entered the gate he saw Ken waiting for him dressed in a formal suit.

' Hey ! ' Ken came closer and hugged his friend with a noticeable feel of sympathy and concern
' Hey ! I hope I am not late..' He said while hugging.
' No no its very fine.. the meeting is postponed but where you were as I tried your number but nobody answered. You weren't at home? Or were you? ' He avoided his glance
' I was at Catherine's place ' He said in slow voice.
' The blond girl friend of yours? ' Ken asked him giving him a nasty look
' No she was Sally , she is new, met her at the down bar hall, she is a red head ' He gave her description.
' You were with your new girl friend when your own house was set on fire. Man! I don't understand you, you know Mandy is right you are ridiculous at time. I don't understand how one can be so careless and carefree that a night before his marriage life will be finished he is spending night with his new girl friend. Amazingly pathetic ! ' Ken said in low voice but with a disgrace in his tone.
' Oh common man. After me and Mandy are aparted I have to be with these girl only no? so what should I be doing a night before my marriage life ends . Should I have been drunk and cry, no reason for that sorry. Be pratical man common I think we are getting late ' He headed towards the stair case..

Manderith's name was call out just after 30 min of desperate wait. As she entered the room she saw him, his breath taking looks. He was still so handsome, she wiped of a tear that was ready to leave its place in her eyes. He cleared her throat and settle down beside him. She placed down her bag down right beside her right leg and put her tremble hand on her lap. She felt fatigued even though she came here with a friend who drove. Magistrate after 30 minutes of settlements gave them 30 min for reconsideration as they both were unwilling to consider their decision. Both of them were now sitting in a waiting room with their friends. Sara sat beside her best friend and pat her back as Mandy was in deep silence. Ken gave Eden a thought full look and sat on the last chair next to the door.

' Mandy let me grasp water I will be back in a minute ' Sara left and few minutes later Ken said
' Eden I need to call someone important and no proper signals are available I will be back shortly ' They both left to provide them some privacy though they were unaware of how big their egos were grown by now.

Eden hesitate in the silence awaken as they both left the room he give his better half a look who was sitting resting her head placed with wall, her eyes closed. He just noticed how pale she was looking, where her freshness disappeared? Was it because he left her? he cough just for her attention and she opened her eyes, there eyes were locked for a moment but then she broke the fortification herself and looked away from the only window of the room.

' Are you OK? ' Finally he asked
' Yeah.. why? She said in low tone which was certainly not her style.
' Just like that.. actually you looked little pale.. whats wrong ' He had concerned in his voice
' I am fine .. Thank you just work load.. over time ' She said while closing her eyes again.
' Oh.. right ' He said thoughtfully

The silence was again waken by both of them as they both beseem themselves with it only, drown in silence they both didn't even realized only five minutes now they had of their breaking up relation. Ken and Sara entered the room and the silence was gone.

' Lets go.. Time is up.. ' Sara give her hand and she stand up holding her hand.
' Lets go mate ' Ken said while placing his hand on Eden's shoulder
' yeah ' He slowly said and they headed towards the door

Magistrate gave them papers to sign and he forward it to Manderith, She with trembling hand bent down tears right from her eyes fallen down on paper making it wet and he viewed this scene from a little distance, something punched him from inside. A feel of guiltiness raise and he even trying over look but the emotions was strong and it grasp his heart. Mandy gave the paper to Magistrate and hurried off, leaving the room without noticing someones is running after her. She run down the stair case and finally reaching the parking area she felt giddy and before she could fallen down she was restore in two strong arms.. She rolled her eyes and saw Eden holding her from her waist

' You know running after you reminds me our first meeting, you still are a good runner.' He said
in lower voice looking in her eyes.
' I.. ' She said but she left her sentence in middle as her tongue was hashed up and her tears told him everything as they roll down her face, he bent his head still looking her green eyes and kissed her face drinking her tears. He made her stand and she cried badly which made him feel worse without being aware of what his own intentions he curled her in his arms and hugged her as if she is the most valuable thing of his life and he feared losing her. She hugged him back though tears were still in her eyes and she was still crying. They didn't notice how long they hold each other embrace each other but they got parted when Mandy pushed him and remembered that few moments before they were ending there married life ,on his decision. She turned when he hold her wrist and turned her towarda his face and said;

' You know Mandy! why I ran after you? Because while you were signing the paper I remember the lines once you told me you like alot. I remember it words when you your tears fallen down the paper making wet and I whispered to myself is it important to lose someone to feel his/her importance , to know that you love the other one. I asked myself if I will be able to live without the girl who changed my life, the girl who compromised with defects of mine and accepted me as whole and you know Mandy the answer was NO ' He said in his deep low voice which took her heart away and she was obviously with out any other question, she was convinced and as a result she hugged him rolling her hands at his back whispering ' I Love You ' .

After few minutes when they ended all there massive misunderstanding they saw Ken and Sara in front of them. Both had a bright broad smile on their faces. They came closer and said;

' You know what Eden your better half is much more sharper then you ' Ken started taking conversation to a lighter mode.
' How? ' Eden said
' She didn't signed the paper with her own signature see what she signed ' Ken showed him paper and he saw I LOVE YOU instead of Manderith Len written, he looked Mandy who looked a little puzzled, he gave her a smile with tears in his eyes, he hugged her furiously holding her from back ( who could imagine Eden Len crying for a girl.. this is what called LOVE no? )


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  1. Hey seriously good one yaar....
    It was a bit long.....
    "is it important to lose someone to feel his/her importance , to know that you love the other one" superb words.......
    hmmm this line has touched my heart....... will never forget.....

  2. superb narratation. hats off :)

  3. Dr. Kumar..

    Thank you.. I know it was long actually the theme poked in my head early in the morning right after I woke and since then i put all my strrngth in wordings in phrasing.. thnk u fo rliking it..

  4. oh!1 how much i missed reading your writes dear .. u know i dnt get much time for personal blogs :| so rely on WL .. :) mwah !!


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