May 26, 2009

New youngest member of TWL!

Hi! I'm roshwrites, but my real name is Roshni. I prefer to be called Rosh because that is what everyone calls me including my friends, family etc. I'm twelve years old, and I know I'm not old enough to be using Blogger but hey, Blogger can't have an age limit for just writing stuff! So now I think I'm the youngest member! I live in London... but I do come to India often. In fact, I'm coming this year, in the summer, so I might not be able to post for a month. I will try to, so there may be one or two posts in the summer from me. I'm really excited to have joined TWL because I enjoyed reading it before, at least once or twice a day, but I was upset not to be able to comment on stuff. So I'm happy I can now! Anyway, you're probably bored by now, so I'll just say goodbye...
P.S: <---- blog address


  1. welcome ... I think now when I was 12 I didn't know what blogging was :P but I had an email id :)

  2. welcome li'l rosh! hope to cya around honey :)

  3. Hey Rosh..!! For once i tht ur real name was Rosh n was reminded of my Primary school best buddy called Rosh..!! :) hehe

    Anyway, glad to see u here.... 12 years.. god... Only thing i knew, to do at the age of 12 was to fill ink into my new ink pen.. :P hehe.. Amazing to see u blog this early...

    Lage Raho.. translate it to British English.. hehe


  4. looking forward to your writes Roshni..:)

  5. Thanks for welcoming me everyone!
    @The Pink Orchid- You'll see one of my posts shortly! I'm just waiting for the right day... I think Friends@Saturdays is a good day to continue one of my series on here!
    @Arjun- Hmmm... someone else has the same name (or nickname) as me? Cool...

  6. welcome dear Rosh......
    Read ur blog......
    U r toooo good at writing.....
    All the best for ur career....
    Age is no bar for writing.....
    carry on......

  7. welcome rosh
    its nice o someone of your age in the lounge
    iam very happy to see you here

  8. Thanks illusiOn, Dr.Kumar and chirag...
    and everyone I will try my best in writing here! Hopefully you guys will like my stories and stuff :)

  9. cheers to the young new bud of WL...
    hi this is pulkit dear... treat me like ur elder bro or frn whatever u feel like... always thr if u need any help regarding anything!
    tc god bless
    keep writing!

  10. Thanks :)
    I will definatly keep writing!

  11. u r what???? 12???? lol...exactly my opposite....m 21...hehe....welcome welcome


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