May 20, 2009

"Sigh Of a Mother's Heart"

Floating through this stillness so deafening,

I feel an irrepressible twinge,

The night walks through me burly,

Not for a moment I could blink.


Reminiscences of the moments passed,

Make my eyes sad and teary,

Holding my hand you grew so much,

But now everything seems scary.



The time when I held you first,

I felt blessed with an angel so bright,

A thirst in me got quenched,

And everything else went out of sight.



You didn’t had words to explicate,

Still your meanings were implicit,

You couldn’t walk unaccompanied,

And my support was requisite.



We weaved dreams together,

Every step of you was planned,

If you had to seek me around,

Just beside you, I would always stand.


I gave you wings,

You flew in the sky,

But now its time,

That you come by.



My hopes have vanished,

My vision is now blurred,

I am lost and lonely,

I need to be heard.



I know you have a lot to do,

You have your own world to look after,

Still I ask for you now,

As its only you I can seek hereafter.


 P.S.-- I have already posted this at my blog so if the Amin consider it to be a Re-post, they can delete it. I posted it here as it went well with the mood of the day.


  1. seeing the pic i had come to know its a repost..

    but hey let me confirm with other admins if reposting related to themes could be worked out..

    p.s. by the way the poem was touching..and a lot of mothers could relate to it i am sure.. it could be an eye-opener of sorts for many..

  2. read and loved it already !! lotsa!!

  3. It was so beautiful. Utterly amazing. I loved it. :)


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