May 20, 2009

MISS YOU...!!!

Breaking through the darkness of light
I am still awake in the dark mysterious night
In every little corner of my heart
My tears no longer stop

When I saw you the last time
I still remember the agony and cried
I am no good to the world then
I yelled mad around, I saw you, when

I collapsed in grief and pain
for being alone, once again
I begged you not leave me
but it was late, you left me

Dear friend, after seven long years
Thought of you, brings me tears
I know you are watching
I wipe them off, for you smiling

On this Teary Wednesday, I dedicate this post to one of my very best friend,Satish, who left us seven years ago. I still remember the way we played since our childhood and the way we were toegther for ten long years. we were a group of four friends since our kindergarten but now we are just three of us...!!!

May his soul rest peace..!!!


  1. Me the 1st to comment yaamini.....
    Very impressive......
    Full of emotions......
    An apt post for teary wednesday.....

  2. very sad and touching...
    more touching cos it is taken outta real life...

  3. M sorry for your terrible loss dear..
    May his soul rest in peace..

    A very touching poem..
    Last stanza is real+touchy+emotinal+Awesome..

  4. God bless you strength and peace to him !

  5. Very emotive and touchy and sad :( but a really sweet one. I loved it :)


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