May 21, 2009

Readers Choice Awards - Teary Wednesdays

Hello Family,

We are extremely delighted to announce that all of us here have actively participated in Teary Wednesdays Theme Based Writing. There were 25 entries under the label 'Teary Wednesday' which is a matter of great pride for the entire WL Family.

Now we request all of you to start giving your votes to the best prose/story and best poem under Teary Wednesdays, with a small description as to why you chose that particular entry. Votes have to be given in the similar fashion in the comments section of this post.

Click here for the link to all the entries under the label 'Teary Wednesdays'


Now we shall declare the results of 'Love Laced Tuesdays' .

Best Prose -
'Sam's Paradox'* (6 votes)

Runner Up for Best Prose -


Best Poetry -
(5 votes)

Runner Up for Best Poetry-

*Results are purely based on your votes here.

Some of you had voted for more than one posts under both poetry and prose category, so both the votes have been included.
It is requested that all of you label your posts according to the day's themes so that none of the entries are missed out while voting.

Happy Lounging!!!

On behalf of the Admin Team of The Writers' Lounge
Kajal aka The Pink Orchid


  1. My votes-

    For prose - Bruised Innocence by Kajal.

    Loved the way the incident was narrated and was very captivating.

    For poetry - My unfinished masterpiece.

    Simply can't stop reading it over and over again!

    Congratulations to all the winners of Love Laced Tuesdays! :)

  2. Deserving winners for LLT !! and now for the votes ,

    prose - Bruised Innocence by Kajal.

    u wanna know the reason ?? go n read the post then

    Poetry : When will i have my soul back by Nabs !! so very painful

  3. Congrats to the winners..

    My vote fr "Teary Wednesday"

    Prose-- Bruised Innocence Kajal

    Verse--My unfinished Masterpiece

    I hve already Gave reasons fr liking thm in the respective comment sections..!!


    P.S.--- Meleko bhi award chahiyeeeee...:(

  4. Hey congrats guys.. :)

    prose - Bruised inocence - Kajal

    No words... It made numb for a while after reading it....

    Poetry - Is it easy to forget - Prats ..
    This one becos its so relatable to me. so could really feel the pain in it .. :)

  5. For prose - Bruised Innocence by Kajal.

    check comment section

    Poetry - Is it easy to forget

    2 beautiful peice

  6. for prose-"she lives...i died"
    by comfortably Numb.

    because i like it
    and it touched my heart

    for poetry:"Dear mom"
    by aarthi

    its straight from heart.

  7. @Aarthi, Pratsie, Chaarz, Arjun and Ste: thank you sooooooo much for accepting 'bruised innocence' with an open heart. I was really nervous if i'd be able to do justice to the topic I'd chosen. I am glad I was able to convey the emotions and pain. and people like Uncle Vijay should be rotting in hell..

    p.s. I will be back with my votes..

  8. @Chirag
    thnx buddy, glad u like it.

    Bruised Innocence by Kajal
    coz it goes into uncharted real n full of anguish!!!

    My Unfinished Masterpiece by Ms. R
    coz its just wow and is thematically so different:)

  9. thanks for the votes guys.

  10. My votes:

    Prose: Bruised Innocence by Kajal

    I have seen this girl attempt her first fiction here. I have seen her grow. I have seen the spark of a great writer in her. With this piece she proved me right. The flow, characters, dialogues...all had perfection written all over it. For a long time, i have not got goosebumps and wanted to hear a story more than when Nisha says to Karan that today she will tell him a story. And the way Karan handled it. An excellent short story with emotions,heartache, suspense and love writeen all over. Take a bow!

    Poetry: My unfinished masterpiece by Ms. R

    By the time i finished reading it, I was like....what a different thoguht...and what execution...the title had all my attention...if you acheive that..its half the battle are just drawn into the post...all said n done..if you dont follow that "awesome" title with a more amazing post, it backfires...but Ms.R handles it so well. Truly a unfinished one accordng to her :-)

    Kudos :-)

  11. Congrats to all winners!

  12. my votes:

    Prose = she lives I died (comfortably numb)

    why because it touched me really and entire description was so well crafted.. this shade of love has hardly been touched...

    Poetry - Aarthi's Dear Mom

    I had tears by the time i was done reading it.. :(

  13. For prose - Bruised Innocence by Kajal.

    Poetry - Aarthi's Dear Mom

    for reasons simple enuf! :)

    they were the best!

  14. cograts to all the winners!

    both my votes were for the winners I think :D


    for teary wednesday

    best prose - ms R - last 4 lines of the poetry "the unfinished masterpiece and the two lines that followed it were awesome :)

    for poetry - artz - "dear mom"...a hands down winner from my end...

    and the third one...
    one of the best pieces ever read by me @ louge.... confortably numb was at its best in the words on the post..."she lives I die"...
    thats it!


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