May 20, 2009

Readers Choice Awards - Love Laced Tuesday


One more theme based day goes off with amazing response from all. But we are not done yet. :-)

We @ Lounge dont only read, write and inspire, but are good judges as well. On each of these theme based days, every active member here will vote for the "Readers choice (both prose and poetry)" for that particular day.

In the comments section of this post, please drop in which post (one prose and one poetry) you liked most and give a short verdict on why did you like that particular post. This way, we will have the "Mr/Ms Monday-Saturday" every day. For one particular day, you need to give in your choices in the comments section before 23:59 pm the next day. To help you understand better, take an example of "Love Laced Tuesday". I will give my choice of the best post & best poetry on that particular theme of the day in the comments section of this post. Also i would add a line or two on why i consider the prose and poetry i have chosen as the best of the day. We will count all entries recieved in the comments section of the post put up for this purpose(this post for "Love Laced Tuesday") which have been received till 23:59 pm on Wednesday and the one with the maximum votes is declared the winner for that particular day . There will be a winner for best prose and best poetry of the day on all days. Similary your votes for the best posts for "Teary Wednesdays" will have to be done by 23:59 pm on Thursday for it to be counted. A seperate post will be made available at night each day for this purpose.

Let's make each day exciting and learn more from the bunch of talent we have here. Because everyone here is a teacher to the other and everyone has something to offer. Because everyone is a judge. :-)

Happy reading :-)

We rock......Rock on!

- Sandeep Balan
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  1. this was a bomb shell of an announcement.. so damn exciting.. adding 500% of thrill to already thrilling moments.. perfect! me is so proud of ya.. :)

    *rubs her hands in excitement* judging is the most difficult yet the most thrilling job in the whole wide world..

    I just hope everyone takes it in the right spirits.. :)

  2. where are we supposed to be posting our ratings... are we getting a post tonight for starting the rating? :)

  3. @Pink cauliflower

    you have to comment right here for "Love Laced Tuesday"

    And this rating won't be there throughout. Just on few selected weeks to help us all improve. This week is one of those selected weeks :-)

    Happy reading :-)

  4. perfecto.. :)

    something tells me i'd wait for someone else to begin judging. anyone please continue.. I'd follow.. i am a very bad judge.. :P

  5. @All

    Please only give ratings to the posts which are fiction/poetry attempts.

    Congratulations/Dedications/Birthday wishes/Reviews/Thank you posts are never written to be rated. Plz dont offend the writers of these heartfelt posts by rating them :-) :-) We are mere mortals to rate these gems. They get 10 on 10 in all parameters by default :-)

  6. excited..par im too young to be a judge! How can i judge my teachers?

  7. great idea...
    but gonna be very tedious....judging every post with 3 indices..
    anyways... waiting for someone else to begin...

  8. @Arun

    point noted doc...have removed the three make it less have to rate each post on a scale of 10....overall.. :-)

  9. @sonshu

    it takes a small pebble to make ripples in a pond...the pond may be a very big one..but the pebble still manages to teach it that life is not stagnant like its water...

    your teachers would be more than glad to know what you feel on their writes. Anyone can teach anyone :-)

  10. Oh now i will surely do this! Im glad if they accept what i think!

    it takes a small pebble to make ripples in a pond...the pond may be a very big one..but the pebble still manages to teach it that life is not stagnant like its water...

    Those were good words!

  11. we all will accept gracefully the ratings if u r fair n ready to tell wat u felt missing !! ut if sm1 dsnt want his/her post to be rated, he/she can mention it in the post rt ??

  12. but do we need to rate ALL posts ??

  13. @ALL

    Made some changes in the earlier post. We only need to give our choice of the best prose and poetry of that particular day/theme. Cheers!

  14. My Choices for the "Readers Choice Award" for "Love Laced Tuesday" are as follows:

    Prose: Sam for his post "Paradox".

    Poetry: Kajal for her poem "Feather Touch - A Silent Promise of Forever"

    On Sam's "Paradox": The lines where Sam mentions, "Anniversary of something very surreal and beautiful like the dew drops and tiny drop of water on the glowing face. Life for you" really touched a chord deep within. The way he built up his entire post till the last line where he packs the punch is what stands out. Sam, my vote for you bro :-)

    On Kajal's "A Silent Promise of Forever": An acrostic poem on "Love Laced Tuesday", the way she has dished this one out straight from her heart makes this one of her masterpieces. I called it a 5 min masterpiece. How beautifully she sums up this "forever" love when she writes, "With you in my life, my each day, each moment, is love laced". Connecting perfectly with the theme it had me doubting whether the theme had inspired the poetry or was it vice versa.

  15. My choices for the "Reader's choice Award are as follows :
    Prose : Sam for "Paradox"
    Poetry: Kajal for her poem "Sometimes"

    On Sam's Paradox: well it rendered me speechless! i could actually feel every word as he had written it! Maybe because it was too real for me or maybe he had written it too realistically! My vote goes for Sam hands down!

    On Kajal's " Sometimes" .....Well as always Kajal was flawless in this poem of hers too....truly defined the meaning of forever and the true nature of love at its zenith
    "Sometimes,I just see it in your eyes.Sometimes,I just feel it in your touch.Your Silent Promise of 'FOREVER'!".....there is no better way to express the eternal Love!

  16. My choices for the "Reader's choice Award are as follows :
    Prose :
    Prats for "I am near you" and Sam for "Paradox"

    "I am near you"
    base is nice..1000 miles away, a breath close !!

    & "Paradox"
    I have no idea it was a fiction or reality but Explanation was superb!!

    Kajal for her poem "Feather Touch -A silent Promise of forever !!"

    Style is excellent and the words are undoubtedly beautiful..:))A perfect one!

  17. My choices are -

    Prose - My First Crush - Sandeep

    Innocence in it, the cuteness, the feel and the narration of the story.... Sandeep is the best.. :)

    Poetry - Visionary Sensation - Chaarz

    I loved the loop format with which she's woven those words so very well... :)

    It was tough to select the best... Writing is easier.. hehe :P


  18. My vote goes to -

    Prose : Sam's Paradox !! undoubtedly its the best !! the detailing is perfect, mood set, images drawn to perfection !! briliiant :)

    Poetry : Cupid's Lunatics its intense, heartfelt and directly hits you hard !! next i will place Charu's loop poetry !! loved the flow in it :)

  19. My vote goes to:

    My First Crush; (Story)

    This story had a flow and innocence. A novel thought. It is difficult for a writer to get into a mind which is not his own age, as in for an adult to write a child's mind. This had 'perfection' written all over it. Narration was beautiful. Another point to be noted is the image chosen. The story was written keeping in mind every single detail in that image and thus the story and the pic made an amazing combination..

    Cupid's Lunatics (Poetry)

    I just loved the flow, intensity, and detailing in this one. The words used left me in awe. The writer has played with words like a genius. With the words, the emotions has been portrayed really well, that one could almost feel it. Kudos! Thumbs up to the cupid's lunatics.

  20. First time i'm a judge of goes...

    My Fav Prose:
    loved it very much....his choice of random expressions was lovely...was more like a monologue...lovely paced..

    My Fav Poem:
    Love and its shades part 1 by pulkit
    exceptional poetry...feelings vented in a new way...
    loved the prose abt love in between the poem as well..

    @prats n pinky
    thanks for the votes....Arun cho kappy... :-)

  21. oops...I hope to vote in the few of the otehr selected weeks...though i read all the post, but readin' them to rate is somethin' of a task, whic requires time, of which I'm short...but after my exams for sure:)

    Hey I'm sorry, I didnt intent to hurt anyone's emotions or nor i aimed at anyone in particular...posted an apology/clarification on my page...hope m forgiven :)

  22. havent read the whole blog yesterday...
    but managed to catch a few...

    - Love laced tuesday - acrostic ...surely deserves a title or trophy whatever it is...
    one of the best acrostic read here till date!

    - my first crush was a cute story and I liked the post titled paradox too!
    make it 8 for my first crush
    and a healthy 9.5 for paradox for the second nominee from my end...
    tc god bless!
    back to books!

  23. @Rose: hey girl! hugs! nothing to worry.. it was just an opinion... and you are not the only one who thinks like that. But an opinion like that calls for a justification that's all. I was pissed but it's ok. I understand. I don't blame you. It's everywhere. lol.. hugs! it's all sorted.. :)

  24. @Kajal
    Hugs hugs hugs...bade wale :D

  25. i am confused in Kaj's Poetry: "Feather Touch - A Silent Promise of Forever"

    and CUpid Lunatics by H, i think...

  26. i mentioned in the post why i loved/liked them :P

  27. For Prose -

    Sandeep's - My First Crush

    It was so filled with innocence, so cute! Mainly because of his obsession with the color PINK! :P

    Poetry -

    Kajal's -
    Feather Touch -A silent Promise of forever!!

    Simply loved the flow and emotions well captured!!




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