May 21, 2009


For all the curious souls, Arjun won Stelyn's heart with his proposal, "Oh meri 'mix n match' me!!! I will show u Taj Mahal..!! Be mine". They tied the knot in a private ceremony. And they lived happily ever after.

Taking you back in distant past, post Marilyn's death, Ste went on and married Jennifer. They made a sizzling couple.

5 years later, they had a beautiful baby girl. They named her Stara. She got the best of both worlds from her illustrious parents. She inherited Ste's humour bone and Jennifer's beauty. When she grew up, she was the talk of the town. Such was her beauty that mirror would crack when she would pass by. She was an epitome of confidence and beauty. She is our very own Stara.

Meanwhile, Arjun and Stelyn had a baby boy. He resembled his mom and his gradfather so much that they decided to name him Stepotter, because Harry Potter craze was catching up at that time. Little did they know that Stepotter would actually end up looking like a clone of Harry Potter. He transformed into a handsome young man. Post his studies he moved to America for higher studies.
There in America, Stepotter happened to bump into Keira Knightley in one of the award functions. So mesmerized was he by her beauty that he would dream of her day in day out. As fate would have it, Keira bumped into him once again in a shopping mall. They have been bumping into each other ever since. Cupid struck and they tied the knot. They have a beautiful daughter named Stelly, who has taken WL by storm coz of her beauty. She is the perfect girl. What a lineage!! What genes!!



Play the proposal game. Girls have to write a funny proposal for Stepotter and Guys have to write a funny proposal for Stara. Stephen would select the funniest responses and declare the winners. Arjun, you may divorce Stelyn and dive in as well..he he he. All yours....go down on your knees....pen down hilarious proposals. Lets sprinkle humour with love. Stara and Stepotter are waiting for you. You stand a chance to change the family tree :-)

All the best. Happy proposing :-)


  1. saari jaannat ki hoor pariyaan dharti par.. hahhaaha :)

  2. WAH!!

    Mast hai bro...!! Keep going!!

    Loving it!! :)

    Baaki sab hollywood beauties kahan hain ??

  3. @kaju

    he he...haan..saari jannat ki pariyan yaheen hain...zameen par...courtesy ste....his daughters are gorgeous :-)

  4. @aarthi..

    he he he...phewwwwww...enough :-) rest for next week...bore ho gaya main ab :-) he he he...

    baaki beauties bhi ste...we need more daughters from him :-)

  5. My proposal for Stara:

    O meri fuljadi...chala gayi mere dil par kulhaadi..plz be mine :-)

  6. ha ha ha nice one..

    hehe i like it..

  7. evolution at its best or ......... ??


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