May 9, 2009

The Mid-Night Rain ..

I was curled up in my blanket. Dreaming about something i don't remember. I slowly opened up my eyes. I felt i was in a different world. I could not feel the ground for some reason. I didn't know what time was it. I got out of the bed. It was a beautiful cloudy evening. Standing by the window i watched the sun set down leaving me there all alone.

The cool breeze kissed me. I sipped my hot coffee. The dark clouds grew thicker. I was very happy to see such a weather. I played my favourite music. I stepped into the shower and the hot water touched my body slowly

relaxing my every muscle. The lovely weather and my favourite music added more fun to my bathe. I was lost in the fragrance and was singing loudly. A loud clap of thunderstorm shake me.

I stepped out wrapped in a towel, picked up my favourite lingerie. Dried my hair. Without any reason i was happy inside.I was dancing while i dried my hair. I sprinkled my perfume. The awesome aromatic flavour drew me to some magical land.I slipped in my gown. I left my brown hair open. Rubbed a little lip balm. & Stepped into my black leather heels.

As i walked down the lane, the breeze whispered something in my ear which made me smile. I wanted to know why my heart was so happy and singing so loud inside.I left behind my scent as i walked.The cold wind carried my flavour.I sat on the bench far from the crowd..Waiting to hear the sound of the thunder again. The chilled air was driving me crazy..I looked up at the dark cloudy sky..

I felt like dancing looking at such a beautiful sky with black clouds.. I saw a butterfly on the bench..I felt it was telling me something..I was overjoyed at the sight of a butterfly and the heavenly weather.I was singing out loud not bothered about the world.The drop of a rain touched my lips.I closed my eyes, held my head up high..

I spread my arms wide open like wings of a bird.I felt light inside.I was floating in the air..I was scared my heart might just explode with the extreme happiness.I knew why was i so happy. The droplets started pouring down touching my face. The mid-night rain drenched me..

I realised why was my heart singing out loud.I knew why was i here.I realised how much i missed rain.I shut my eyes gently to listen to the sound of rain.I was immersed in the unseen happiness.I was in a different world.I was held by the magical rain.It washed away my sorrows..It filled my heart with the exuberance.I wanted to grab hold of it and never let it go.

The steamy rain was still pouring down as i walked back with my soaked gown and wet hair.I love rain ,it always listens to my stories, sings to me, pours down when I'm alone, wash away my tears.I walked back with a smile on my face.I wondered whether it's a drop of a tear or a drop of a rain rolling down my cheeks !


  1. ahh...the rain....n sorry for messing up ur a bit drunk....the keyboard letters were dancing...

    i love the rain too...the scent of the earth n rain...seducing!!!

  2. What luck!!
    I was just waiting for it.. may be... are you from Bangalore? It rained heavily here today...

    Well, I will be back with one from my end... wait...

  3. Maybe later... I am too much engrossed in Tagore today - reading his poetries, stories and listening to his songs made my day... I have nothing left in my head... I'm too much into it...

    So, will write later sometime...

  4. great read...very nice vivid description of one of nature's lovely gifts...

    P.S-it rained n my town too...but it was kinda like a storm...not the drizzles u've mentioned...

  5. A nice description of wat rain means to u! Very beautifully put forth! luvd it! :)

  6. Hii farooolancher *hehehehe*.. M not drunk.. But m kinda on drugs.. LoL ! Jus kiddin ..
    Oh ya Rain totally is seducing :p
    Thanx a ton.. :)

  7. @Tan
    Yea dear m from b'lore.Last night it rained so heavily.It was like heaven on earth.
    Waitin for ur post :)..
    U from blore too rite ??

  8. @Arun
    Thanx a lot..
    kewl man, i guess u njoyed a lot :)

  9. maverick
    Thanx a ton dear :)

  10. Every word had a touch of the droplets of rain:)

    Aww.. now you made me to miss rain.. It's So hot as hell over here:(

  11. @Princess
    Thanx dear :)
    Oh chowwy.. Soon it ll rain :p

  12. I'm not from Bangalore. I am from Tripura. I work in Bangalore and hence, I am here :)

    ;) ;) :P :P

    I'm in Bangalore :) and I enjoy the rain and cold here ... not sure if it rains in your place when it rains in mine...

  13. i missed blore rains wen i was at home !! but i still got the feel from this write :)

  14. @Tan
    Cool .. Wr u workin?? Nice to kno tat u too r blore :)

  15. Pretty
    Oh now i guess u r bak to blore.. Enjoy d rain of blore :)


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