May 9, 2009

Bursts of incoherent words


One Dream, one Life, one 'U n ME'

walking down the street on a busy day
wandering aimlessly, didn't know what lay ahead...
and then my eyes stopped on someone standing there,
it was love...just like that...hook, line and sinker.

i didn't know what your feelings for me would be
so i didn't say it...coz u mite have said, "I AM SORRY"
Yet i decided to stretch my hand...
and that's how we became the best of friends....

Baby, i am the guy of your dreams...
masquerading as your best friend.
I am the one you are searching for..
I can make your world change

How do i express my feelings????
you take me as "just a friend"
even though we share our life together...
you don't think of me as anything else
My friends say its just infatuation
and if our chemistry clicks,
I will turn it to a fairy tale romance.

One moment here, one moment there,
I am just wondering what to do
Why this time, it seems has stretched
While I wait …and wait for you

when i had enough i popped the question
you thought, you fidgeted, you said...YES!!!!
even though i was ready my heart still flipped...
lady, you will be my princess always

lots of moments spent without you
But in thoughts just you prevail
Your eyes intently watching me
Your feel, your presence I inhale

Intoxicated in your love
Come hold me now in your embrace
I’ll lie there safely in your arms
Through stormy nights and rainy days.

what we share is magical
what we create is ours
n watching the two of us together
even the Gods above are jealous

time seems to have no meaning
the sun seems not to shine
when you stand there amongst them-and-those
you make everything else blind....


  1. Oh man!!

    you have got a good hand dude... bahut bhal lagise... aru lekha - aku lekha - besi kori lekha...

    Happy to read you ...

  2. Brilliant! Agree with Tanmoy (Tan)..borhiya hoise!

  3. Likd da flow! nice one! luvd it! :)

  4. sweet love story...
    " i decided to stretch my hand...
    and that's how we became the best of friends...."

    Loved this segment....dunno why...but i simply loved it..

  5. WoW awesome poem.. Nicely written..

  6. many of you kno like m not the only one..

  7. @ arun and blossomblue...
    thanx for the vote of confidence...

  8. so many 'best of friends' nvr realize that they are in love frm long tym.. N this poem happens wen one of them realize this!

    Lovely write!! M impressed..

  9. thanks to this poem i got inspiration to write on similar feelngs.. Chek that please..

  10. freelancer, this is just brilliant bro! u r just a great poet! :)

    superb read! :)

  11. lol...just trying hard to match up to you guys

  12. Hey Dude,

    That was awesome, the flow just like the soothing breeze.. Loved it, simply loved it!!!

  13. Hey
    I didnt know about the romantic bone in you:D
    Cute read :)

  14. hey hopless romantic!!!!gud use of words!!!!!lol....gr8!!!;-)

  15. it brought back of lot of old memories.. wow! you are GOOD!

  16. whoa!!! look ho made an appearance...whr wer yu???


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