May 9, 2009

Celebrating freedom...

I was put in a cage by my parents,
But now they have opened the door.
I know my whole life is out there,
I'm not a kid anymore.

They tell me how they had felt,
The day that they were let free.
They say it was oh-so exciting,
But their words aint enough for me.

And now that the day is finally here,
The world is mine to explore.
I know that when I step out there,
I cannot turn back anymore.

My first step will be purely courage,
My second will be disbelief,
My third one will be great pride,
My fourth one will be up to me....

Till the next time,

P.S.I'm quiet nervous as this is one first post here, knowing that so many people out here will be reading it. Hope you guys like this little effort...:)


  1. That was some poem!!


    Thanks for writing and sharing it. I loved the thought and the flow of the language. That was attractive. Keep writing...

    Have fun in the Lounge!!!

  2. Thanks for the complements dude:)

  3. kewl buddy...nice to see you here....btw what are you doing awake till now...??? yu said yu had some exam thingy....btw check our blog...hope yu like it

  4. rose there's sumthn wrong with your blog...can't seem to comment there...check it out

  5. wow...great poem...
    expressing nicely the transformation from kidulthood (??) to adulthood...
    welcome to the lounge...

  6. A beautiful post in freedom! Luvd da flow! good one! luvd it! :)

  7. perfect thoughts xpressd so vry well.. That was a gud one to start my day wd! Thanks and welcome here.. Hv fun..

  8. wow! what a poem...

    reminded me of an old one i had written! :)

    and u don't have to be nervous at all! u r not in a best writer contest! welcome to WL and have fun. leave the nervousness outside! :D

  9. @freelancer
    and I dont know whats happenin' with the gets fixed on its own!
    and yeah...I loved "our" blog, the new look and all...glad to be a part of it :)

  10. @arun
    and loved the word kidulthood...says so much :D

  11. @maverick
    Coming from means a lot..thank you thank you thank you :D

  12. @princess nuchu
    thanks...n thats a cute name...nuchu :)

  13. @leo
    well you guys here write so so great...couldnt see my writes matching any of their the nervousness!:D


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